A Few Thousand Random Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this should qualify for a small essay. Luke is our in-house artist and we're quite proud of his skills. And to show you that we're not just biased parents, here are a few of his accomplishments. First of all there's Niles, who I turned into a shirt for him. He wears it proudly and is the envy of all first graders everywhere. Or at least in his class. Niles has been a huge hit in my store as well, and there are little ones (and a few adults) sporting Niles all around the United States.

And after Luke went to bed the other night I was cleaning up his crafting table. We haven't used the breakfast nook since moving in and it's since been taken over by Luke and his crafty ways. I was amused at his most recent piece of art. It's not too badly drawn for a 6 year old freehanded, but I love the name on the vest.

Super Poo. Able to support Piglet on his shoulders without breaking a sweat, able to keep up with a toddler through the course of a day, and able to do his duty without breaking his concentration. I won't tell him that it's spelled incorrectly, it probably would hurt his feelings.

And last but not least, Luke came home from school yesterday with these things.

They had a coloring contest for fire safety week and he won! They gave him a shirt from the local fire station, a trophy and a new smoke detector. It even came with batteries; he checked. I was so proud of him because I know how hard he worked on that picture.

I have to share this picture of Micah, too. I am a sucker for stripes and since I can't wear them without making myself appear too large to fit through a doorframe, I subject my kids to their widening ways. I broke these out of the winter box and Micah loved the footed coziness. They're a tad large but he'll grow. Kids always do.

I snagged this lion last year after Halloween and was so hoping that it would fit Micah this year. It does, perfectly. But he really doesn't want to be a lion. Actually it was more like, get that man-eating thing out of here before I scream bloody murder and turn you in for child abuse. So I'm hoping it's not too late to put it on ebay's auction block. Drat, all that money saved, and I've still wasted more than I should have.

I have indeed listed this, people. If you're interested in snagging a great never-worn costume for your little size 4 toddler you can get it here.


Deanne said...

I love that you made the Niles shirt from one of your sons drawings! That's awesome!

I would suggest that you sell the lion costume on ebay while you can still get something for it (especially since you got a good deal when you bought it). I'm pretty cheap too. I got my son some Batman pj's at Target (it came with a velcro cape!) and they will serve as his costume this year, then as pj's. See, me cheap! :)

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Super Poo rocks!

Michelle said...

That is so neat you were able to turn your son's artwork into a cool shirt! Congrats to Luke for winning the coloring contest!

The lion costume is cute, and I would probably snag it for Kayla, but unfortunately I think she would be too hot in it here :( I'm sure you should be able to get a buyer for her -there are a lot of last minute shoppers :)

Kari & Kijsa said...

How cute is that costume! What is up with those kids getting their own opinions!!!LOL
kari & kijsa

Cecily R said...

Oh, kids and their costume ideas! When Isaac was Micah's age he wanted to be a knight and Batman. He wore black pj's and half the night he wore a plastic breast plate and helmet and held a sword and sheild (okay, so I really held those things), and the other half of the night he worked a Batman cape that was a hand me down from my brother.

I adore kid's artwork. Gracie needs a breakfast nook/craft table. She'd be in heaven.

I think Super Poo is fantabulous!