So we have this refrigerator/freezer thing in our kitchen, okay? And ever since we got it, it's been nothing but a hunk of faux stainless junk. If we could afford it, we'd recycle it's metal parts for a few bucks. From the get-go, the ice maker was a problem. It doesn't seem to take the job of making ice seriously. The ice bin is always full to overflowing, right up until the time we actually need ice. Like at dinnertime. Every day. One person fills their glass with ice, and the rest of us get leftover slivers of frozen remains. We're not talking about major parties where we have people in and out all day, filling glass after ice-cold glass, thereby straining the ice making mechanics to their limits. No, we're talking about filling more than a glass a day with ice. It's such a failure.

And then there was the squealing motor episode. When it felt the need to cool itself, it also felt the need to not only let us know, but the entire neighborhood as well. It's a whiner like that. The high pitched squeal was finally fixed with a replacement part in the mail and a few hours worth of cussing and knuckle scraping by my Sam.

But recently our fridge/freezer thing has hatched a new problem. For several weeks now the freezer has been icing itself shut. And leaking water on the floor. This is not good. Today Sam had enough and tore it apart to get to the source of the problem.

Apparently the self-defrost drain filled with water and froze. Who knows why or how this happened, but it did. And now when it self defrosts, it just leaks out the door and freezes inside into a huge mess. The only thing to do about this is to thaw that drain out. This involves unplugging the fridge and pouring hot water into the tiny pinhole of a drain hoping to thaw out an entire pipe before the food all thaws.


So we've got this all over the kitchen.

I heated water and poured into the hole, a few drops at a time, all afternoon until it was time to leave for drum lessons. I was gone a few hours with the trip to the store and all, and it was still not thawed when I came back. The food, however, was beginning to soften around the edges. Except the peas, which were turning to mush.

I'm kinda grateful that it's January in Pennsylvania at this point. This is our new freezer compartment.

The stuff stacked on the new freezer is to keep the neighborhood dogs out of it overnight. I have no idea what to do with the food in the fridge. One cannot deep freeze eggs with any kind of success. Mental note, we are never buying another Samsung refrigerator. Ever. In fact, we may never buy another Samsung anything after this. I wonder if they'll reimburse us for the groceries that will surely be lost? Now that the price of gas has dropped, apparently the grocery stores have decided to take up the slack. Like feeding a family of 6 doesn't hurt enough, they've raised the cost of bread and milk. Again.

On the plus side today, Micah got a new Woody in the mail. At least someone is having a good day.


And in other news, today is National Delurking Day. It was brought to my attention by fellow bloggers (because I'm never in the know about things), and it was also stated that if someone created a button, it must be obeyed. Delurk, readers! We'd love to meet you.


Flea said...

Yay! For the new Woody! I was going to ask if maybe you'd found Woody in the freezer. :)

Do you have a garage where you can store the refrigerables? We got an old upright freezer from freecycle awhile back and it lives in the garage. Love having an extra freezer.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I knew people who put their ice cream cones outside like that. You are too much. YAY FOR WOODY!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i was worried about micah finding woody...and i'm glad the mail brought him another today! you better get stock lady!

and maybe our fridge and yours should make fridge babies bc our ice maker doesn't want to stop and then it overflows water all over...and did i mention that it was freaking expensive and new???

AZ Chapman said...


AZ Chapman said...


SunflowerMom said...

Your Woody dolls are being held hostage by this guy: If you ever want to see him again, you can forget it! He has a new best buddy who never leaves his side and would never ever do anything like this to him. No siree, this fella's a Woody Lover and Protector.

All kidding aside... I totally relate to the loss of Woody and what it does to a boy. We are on Woody #3. #1 had to be put to sleep, #2 is around but in sorry shape and #3 is spankin new, looking for trouble!

I'm glad you found a replacement and hope the others show up soon. We once found one that had been missing for a couple weeks, hiding under a stack of towels in the bathroom closet. Them Woody dolls are sneaky fellas.

I've read your blog from time to time, but never remebered to add it. Got you on my roll now, so I can keep up to date!

Melissa said...

Yeah, for the new Woody. And major suck on the fridge. I'll make a mental note to remember that about Samsung....I hope you get it figured out soon!

Michelle said...

Yay to the new Woody!

And boo to the fridge. I suppose it's too late to get a home warranty and then in sixty days have someone come out and fix it, huh?

As for your refrigerator type items... could you put them in a similar type box with snow on the bottom layer with a blanket or something on top and put it in the garage where it's cold but not THAT cold?

And what happened to your other post? No fair!

CC said...

Glad someone is having a good day.

Love the new kitchen look.

and when I lived in New England and had an "ice box" in my fridge, we totally used the ledge outside of our window as a winter freezer.

Becoming Mommy said...

Yay for an emergency Woody!
As for the fridge/freezer. Ai! It wouldn't happen to be under warranty still would it?
Ours has peices fall off and I find it left open at random points of the day, but it's not the Fridgidaire's fault. It's the toddler and a hound who's too darn smart.

Lovin Mama said...

Delurking here in Western PA! I always read when I need a good chuckle :)

Burgh Baby said...

Holy hell, that's what our freezer has done for the past two years! I am SOOO forwarding this to Mr. H and demanding that he fix it for real this weekend (while it's cold enough to just stick the food outside). THANKS!

(Totally serious, btw.)

JennyH said...

Yay for the Woody!

Our freezer had that problem too. IT took forever to make ice. Finally we figured out the ice maker itself was bad. We checked the hoses first though. replaced the ice maker and it started making ice again. Imagine that. Now it has a leak though. So in the back of the ice bucket lays a big blob of ice. I can live with it though. I just break it free and toss it in the dog water bowl.

Good luck with that fridge!

utmomof 5 said...

I actually saw a Woody in the store the other day and thought of Micah, glad he has a new one.

Nothing like crappy appliances to make you grateful for freezing tempuratures :)

Andrea said...

What a serious pain in the neck!! That fridge would be at the curb! Thank goodness it's winter!!

And hooray for Woody!! Micah looks really excited!!

the planet of janet said...

i'm so glad that woody has arrived.

and i guess there ARE benefits to living in pennsylvania sometimes. if you put that stuff outside here? can i just say it's 80 today?

what the heck happened to winter????

Tanya said...

In the spirit of de-lurking.

Eggs don't have to be refrigerated, they just last longer when they are.

Trannyhead said...

Dude - I could totally see where it was going when I got to the part about the pool of water on the floor. That icing/deicing thing is the worst. I had that happen to my place back in the Insane Asylum, once. BIG puddle of water. LOTS of wasted food. EPIC FAIL.

Good luck exorcising more demons from the thing.

Anonymous said...

There for a moment I believed we might have the same refrigerator thingy,but ours is a Kenmore.It is doing the same thing except now,it is barely cooling in the fridge part.New refridgerator here we come!

Yay for woody!

I have De lurked!