Reunited Feels So Good

Micah lost one of his Woody dolls for a few days. Despite tearing the house apart from basement to bedrooms, he just wasn't found. Woody rocks the game of hide-n-seek.

And then, just as mysteriously as he disappeared, Woody showed up. Apparently hiding for days on end gets lonely and boring. Micah was a happy camper.

In this picture, you'll see one Woody telling the other where he's been, and promising to never leave like that again. It was quite the touching scene.

And here we witness the Happy Dance performed by the cowboys. Ballet has nothing on Woody, reunited with his best friend. It was poetic.

The end.


Roger said...

I'm glad to see that everyone is back together again! Kind of like the movie even, with Woody just showing up unannounced. :)

the planet of janet said...

it was the blue people ... you know, the people who "set the scene." sometimes they get caught unaware and don't set it quite properly.

that's why the thing you KNOW was on the table wasn't ... and then it was.

blue people. it's very simple.

(and i love the happy dance!!!)

utmomof 5 said...

that makes me smile :) said...

I can't stand it. Where WAS he?

Michelle said...

Soooo does he (or you) know that there is Toy Story 3 coming out in June? We just discovered that today when we went to go see The Princess and the Frog.

Glad he was found!