Happy Halloween, Y'All!

Another Halloween, come and gone. What? It's not even Halloween yet? I think this is a testament to our family's age. We go trick-or-treating when we can all schedule to be together. And how pathetic is it that we have to schedule an evening together? Kids running hither and yon while doing that growing up thing sure make for scarce family time.

But we carved some out this evening to dress up, laugh together, and get candy. I won't say it's free, because what we hunt and gather from others we make up for by what we've already given out at a trunk-or-treat event hosted by the church. Nobody comes to our door, way out here in the country. We don't even pretend to buy candy anymore because we just eat it. We wait until November 1st and go score Halloween candy half price so that we have some good chocolates to snack on for a day or two before the masses that we call our children devour it and leave wrappers blowing across the floor like tumbleweeds. Seriously. I yell all the time that if they're responsible enough to help themselves to candy, they should be responsible enough to actually throw the wrapper in the trash.  GAH!!

Our first stop was at my parents house, because dad came home from the hospital today. He's doing phenomenally well, and loved seeing the herd of grand kids invade his living room where he was reposing on the sofa, heeding doctor's orders.

After that stop, we did what country folk do when they trick-or-treat. We drove all over the county visiting friends and family, logging many miles on the van and taking 3 hours out of the evening. We get very little candy and a whole lot of happy visiting time, but that's the way life is here and we wouldn't trade it for all the door-to-door begging in the world because we delight in seeing familiar faces delighting in seeing the kids. Begging from strangers isn't as fun as chatting with friends, I guess.

This year, the county was subject to a few older gentlemen, the French chef (hand up if you recognize him from somewhere), a Flapper, and Magic Dracula, who not only is a vampire but also loves taking his fake teeth out and doing magic tricks with that awesome cape. Or at least trying to cast spells. I think he suffers from an identity crisis.

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