Riding Lessons

Today was the second riding lesson for our littlest one. I waffled for a while on whether or not to take him. After all, I did grow up on horseback. And we own 5 horses ourselves. So to pay someone else $25 to ride their horse didn't sit right.

But I'm so glad that I decided in favor. There's so much I didn't know and needed to learn. Don't get me wrong; I can do flying lead changes, maneuver through trail obstacles, jump a hunter course and all that. But when it comes to helping my small son I'm clueless. It was so, so worth the money (and then some) to learn exactly what pace the horse needs to be at to stimulate his muscles. And what makes him feel safe and secure on the horse (and it's not the new saddle we bought for his birthday!). And that a synthetic English saddle is worth it's weight in gold for therapy.

1/2 hour of weekly riding lessons: $25
Weekly expense of keeping our own horses that do nothing: $25
Seeing the sheer joy of accomplishment on my son's face at lessons: Truly priceless. What's money compared to that?

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Cathy said...

that's so great. sounds like fun. sometimes you just have to "out-source"! (Scrap4U)