The Store

Funny name for a blog, huh? The Rocking Pony. Who comes up with this stuff?

Well, me.

I homeschooled the kids for years, and then one day circumstances conspired against me and we sent them to school. In a grand attempt to keep boredom at bay, I dusted off my sewing machine and opened a store on Etsy. I christened it The Rocking Pony, and the blog started from that. I deleted the early posts relating to that. You're welcome.

The Rocking Pony was a super fun store, and I got to make shirts for kids all over the world. I loved it. But my kids outgrew my designs and wanted way cooler shirts (sold in big box stores), so I shifted my focus to the 4-legged kids in the house, who didn't complain no matter what I put on them. (Mostly...)

The French Dog features dog collars, harnesses & bow ties for all the fashionable pooches. I love this just as much as I loved making shirts. The business has taken me farther than I ever thought I'd have the opportunity to go, in more ways that just finances, and I thank God daily for blessing us with this adventure. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but you'll definitely want to head to the shop to see what's new for your tail wagging best friend.

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