Welcome to my world. I'm a self confirmed workaholic trying to pretend that I never need sleep while running a business and writing. I do social work on the side, because everyone needs something in their life to remind them how sane they really are. Life here is crazy, but I've realized that anything less is just plain boring. 

I've been married 24 wondrous years, but I don't talk about Sam much here. I use this space to record the kids' growing-up years, and someday they'll look back and thank me. Or ask for therapy money.

Becky is 21. She's an incredibly responsible young lady who is a master chef, but can't be trusted with anything sharp.  She's enrolled as an Art Ed major, and has great plans of molding young lives to be creative someday.

Josh is 19 and is the quiet type. He's a tech enthusiast and a lover of the outdoors. He's enrolled in college and making life happen faster than I ever thought a responsible kid could.

Luke is 16 and is the life of every party. Things are never dull when he is around. He inherited Josh's firewood business this year, and is thrilled to have his own financial power to save for a car, college, life...

Micah is 13 and still considered my baby. His Down syndrome has been one of the single biggest blessings we've encountered in parenting, but it's left him completely speechless. What he lacks in verbal skills he makes up for in personality.

Our nephew moved in with us a few years back, which is ironic since he has cable and we have 3.5 TV channels that are fuzzy on good days. He'll crop up in photos every now and then, and if I refer to the fact that we have 5 kids, it's a direct reference to our 4th son. Quincey is a college boy, now, studying Music Ministry 16 hours from home. 

We live on a few acres in the mountains just east of Pittsburgh. Two french bulldogs, 3 cats, a flock of chickens and a pond full of fish share the sweet life with us.

Feel free to contact me at dibert6 (at) gmail.com.