Another Fun Day in the Life

As I was getting ready to leave for The Baby's riding lesson yesterday he came down the hall gagging. This means that he touched something disgusting. My first thought was poop. Poop happens way too frequently in our house. I was about ready to kill a dog because the ones who are out running around know better. It was indeed poop, but not the dog's. The Boy had taken off his diaper and pooped on the floor. And apparently tried to wipe himself sans toilet paper. He did not like the result.

So I meet him in the hallway with poop all over his hand, a blob in his hair (???) and a smear on his shirt. I pull off his shirt, throw him in the tub and go in search of the deposit. Not the daughter's room. Not the sewing studio. (Thank goodness!) Not his room. Smart boy. Ah yes, the smell is definitely eminating from the 10 year old's room. Tread lightly, tread lightly, Bingo! Thankfully it cleand up easily and wasn't smeared in. I just read recently that to clean stains off the carpet you mix laundry detergent and water and spray heavily. RESIST THE URGE TO SCRUB as this will rub it down deeper. Just in case this happens to you, now you'll know.

And being a mom I have to be proud of my son for taking off his diaper to go potty. Yet another sign that he's ready for potty training. Maybe I'll let his diaper off tomorrow and see what happens. Break out the training pants!

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