I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged, so here are 8 random things about me.

1. I cannot sleep in a bed that's unmade. It drives me crazy. I can count on two hands how often we've come to the bedtime hour and the bed wasn't made - in 15 years of marriage. And then I kick my husband out so that I can pull the sheets up tight before we're allowed back in. I know I'm strange.

2. I have a clock fetish. I don't consider my watch jewelry, I consider it a part of my person. I also have at least one clock in every room of the house, except the bathrooms. I'm working on weaning myself away from the band on my arm. I'm now out of the phobic stage and my arm is working on tanning it's wrist for the first time in it's life. And the strangest part is that I don't even really care what time it is.

3. I was named after my father. Yes, I was a Jr. The nurses were so sure I was a boy they sent in the birth certificate before they actually found out I wasn't. My mom changed my name immediately upon receiving the birth certificate in the mail.

4. We lived in North Pole, Alaska for three years. We loved it. Our daughter was born there.

5. I attended a two-room school from 8th to 12th grade. My sister and I were the entire graduating class.

6. We currently own 22 dogs. But this includes 10 puppies who aren't keepers. See, it isn't that bad.

7. I do the farrier work on my own horses. It's all about saving a buck when you can. I also do the vaccinations for the dogs. But strangely I won't vaccinate the horses.

8. We have a son with Down syndrome and are so very proud of him. What a blessing he is! I wish everyone would be blessed with a child with a disability. I think the world would be a different place.

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Michelle said...

22 dogs? Wow! I've heard AK is a beautiful place to live, but I don't know if I could handle the times when it's almost always dark, and then almost always light!