Trick or Treat

We went trick or treating last evening. Since we don't live in a neighborhood we don't have set dates to collect candy. Us country folk end up driving the kids to friends' and families' houses to do our scaring. We log about 50 miles, spend a small fortune in gas, and it makes for a very long evening. But we know everyone that we stop at, and not only do we feel safer about that but they tend to be more generous with the goods.

There were a few problems with the well executed plan that is Halloween. The first problem being that I thought we were going trick or treating tonight. Which meant that costumes weren't done. I was banking on that last 24 hours to start, I mean finish up, the costumes. Becky and Micah had theirs done, Luke's just needed found but it was Josh's that needed made. But Luke couldn't find his. And Micah wouldn't wear his. Josh decided to change costumes and wear Daddy's flatulent ghost buster get-up, and he had a blasting good time.

In the end we had a Pirate, the farty ghost eliminator, Buzz and Woody. Buzz was one of the few costumes I'd ever purchased and we've thrown it into the dress-up box. It fit Luke this year and he matched Micah, so he had no choice. The price of the costume just went down because of it. I love a bargain. Micah had that wonderful lion costume, but was more afraid of it than he would be a real lion so I figured his very favorite toy would require little dressing up. He was wearing real clothing instead of a costume and it should all be good. No deal. That plaid shirt was more than his sense of fashion was willing to allow. As he was trying to figure out how to get it off, I was adding insult to injury by adding the bandanna and vest. The nerve I had! The hat was cool, but a few sizes too big. It's all about fashion, you know. I managed to snap a picture before he dismantled, then dressed him long enough to snap a few group shots. But not one house we visited got to see Woody in full costume.

Now that we're living on candy overload, I've got the energy to clean the house. Which is good, because it needs it. And I've gotta come up with two costumes for the vehicles for Trunk or Treat. That is tomorrow. I do well under pressure.

And since we're in the trick or treating mood here, and we just don't ever get trick or treaters (the rural thing again) I'll dish out to my dear readers. The contest has not one, two or even three winners. We've got quite a few! Those who were so wonderful to leave a comment, and haven't already won a prize, are winners! If your name is:

Kellan (did I mention that I love your name?)
Jennifer (Catracha)
Burgh Baby's Mom

You've won! Email me at and we'll get some prizes chosen and sent out. Congrats! You were truly treated. Imagine what you'd get if you'd actually show up to our house in costume. Well, probably nothing since we only buy one bag of candy in the false hopes of having someone stop. So this is way better. Now go email!


Kellan said...

This was the cutest post and those kids and their costumes are adoarable!

So, I won something? Yippie! I'll e-mail you right away. Hey, Thanks! Have a good day. See ya.

Ally said...

Yay ME!!!! Congrats to the other girls... THANK YOU!!!

I agree that their costumes are super cute :). We have trunk or treat at a few of our local churches ... I always tell myself after taking the kids trick or treating that trunk or treating would be more efficiant... but my mom's neighbors all love seeing the kids dressed up so we drive over there to go trick or treating.

Zoe said...

Your kids look adorable! One year Cade was a devil ( yeah real far stretch there) but he refused to where is little every house we went to he would say "I'm the devil". It was funny.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I have never seen Woody looking so annoyed at having to, well, stand there.

Yay! Winners! Yay! You have found a way to force me to email you (which I have been meaning to do for nearly a week). If I can just get ten minutes at the other computer, I'm doing it. Promise.

Jennifer said...

What cute pictures!! They all look so adorable in their costumes. I wish I had enough energy to get them costumes, and actually take them out trick or treating, LOL. But the little ones go to bed at 7:00 - and trick or treating would totally throw that off, and I hate to have cranky kids, LOL. How mean of a mother am I? LOL. Plus I swore at 39+ weeks I was NOT taking 6 children trick or treating, LOL.

WOW I won something! I will send you an email in just a bit.

Michelle said...

I'm impressed you were able to get all the costumes together on short notice like that :)

So am I the only Michelle? Cause I don't want to assume I won if I'm not the only Michelle LOL But I'll email you :)

Cecily R said...

The Flatulant Ghost Buster is, in a word, AWESOME!!!! And the fact that he had a blasting good time...classic. So great.

I love trunk or treat. Best idea since the drive through!