Under Radar

My parents have converted their big farmhouse into a bed and breakfast. With all those bedrooms they didn't have much choice after the kids moved out. My grandparents lived with us, too, so not only do they have tons of bedrooms but there is a second kitchen and living room as well. It's a great set-up for extended stay guests.

They also have a horse stable that stood nearly empty when the kids left home. So they've taken to hosting horses as well as people. Oddly, there are not many places that do this across the country. They get 2-legged guests quite often, and 4-legged guests every now and then.

Tonight they're hosting a 4-legged guest and his family. This guy's name is Radar and he's the world's tallest living horse according to the Guiness Book of World Records. It's handy how my parents live just across the road, so the kids all ran over to see Radar. He's big, that's for sure. In fact, the kids could walk right under him. The Baby wouldn't even have to duck.

In case you'd like to see Radar for yourself here's his website:

And here are some fun facts about the big guy:
*He is a Belgian Draft Horse
*He stands 19.3 1/2 hands (6'7.5") at the withers and weighs 2600 lbs.
*Radar eats 18 lbs. of grain, 40 lbs. of hay, and drinks 20 gallons of water EVERY DAY. I will never complain that my kids eat too much.
*Radar was born in 1998. He resides at Priefert Ranch in Mt. Pleasant, TX.

There you go, folks. Your who-knew trivia for the day

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