It's His Very First Meme

Peanut at Three Weddings tagged Micah with this meme. It's his very first one! If only he knew the honor. He's listing things he likes and doesn't.

I Love:

* My family!
* The corgis. The other dogs I can take or leave, but the corgis are awesome.
* Food. Especially hot dogs, ranch dressing, pizza and cereal. Not all together though.
* Woody (from Toy Story)
* Watching movies
* Wrestling with my family
* Making people laugh
* Pigs. Or "gigs" as I call them.
* The big horses
* Playing with friends
* McDonalds french fries

Update: I just remembered that he absolutely LOVES music and dancing. How could I forget those?

Not So Much:

* Sleeping.
* Sometimes I don't like going to grandparents houses. I have a good time when I'm there, but the separation from mommy and daddy initially isn't all that great.
* Same thing with school.
* When I don't get my own way. Nuff said.
* My ponies. The big horses are great, the Shetlands hold no fascination for me. (And they're mine!)
* When someone takes over MY television. Nobody else is allowed to watch anything. Ever. Get it?
* Doctors. They can't look in my ears, listen to me breathing or even touch me. They're evil scientists out to harvest my parts and I won't let them!

So there's a peek into the life of our littlest. You know, when I'm put on the spot I just can't think of many things to list for the little guy. But this is a nice cross section. And guess what? I tag nobody. Again. Have a relaxing Sunday.


Kellan said...

Oh ... I loved this!! I wish I had thought of giving Micah a meme - what fun!!! He's a little cutie!! Have a great evening Karen - see you and Micah later. Kellan

Deb in OPKS said...

How sweet. Thanks for playing along. I loved hearing all about Micah!

Pam said...

that was so fun! How cute that Micah got his own meme! :) Have a great weekend!

Flea said...

And just why doesn't Micah have his own TV, or am I not reading that correctly? :)

This was very sweet. Tell Micah that I don't blame him for his reaction to the doctor. They're not always nice.

Karen said...

Flea - it would seem like a good idea for Micah to have his own TV, but he also likes to be with family. Which means that when we put in a movie upstairs for him he ends up down here taking over ours again. I mean reclaiming his. ;)

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Micah has some great taste, I tell ya'. McDonald's fries and pigs are pretty high on my list as well.

Melissa said...

Any kid who like fries and tv is ok with me! Very cute meme!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

HAhahaha!! "gigs" I love child-speak. We still say "faffles" instead of "waffles". And for the little piggy game with the toes we say "and this little piggy had roast chief" instead of 'roast beef'. Those were all originated from our 11 year old way back when. *sniff*

ALF said...

How cute!

Karen said...

Tootsie - "gigs" is one of his only words, and we absolutely love to hear it. In fact we have a picture of him with pigs framed and on the wall to encourage speech.

linds said...

I know more about you now!

I love pizza and french fries too.

I actually like almost all the same things you like with two exceptions: (1. Wrestling, Ammon takes it way to seriously, I end up getting injured. (2. Pigs. I think they are cute, I just don't love them.

Irene said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing. Our special little ones don't get much say sometimes. It is nice that they are getting their own meme!

caramama said...

This was so cute! Thanks for sharing it!

Michelle said...

Great list! They do have a few things in common don't they? Kayla is starting to get better about medical professionals. When she just had her ear tubes put in Joe and I looked at each other in shock when she allowed the nurse to put the pluse finger thing on her...without a fight...she has NEVER done that before, if we manage to get it on her she moves to much to get an accurate reading. We were stunned that she sat still with that on her finger! So maybe there is hope :)