Counting Our Blessings

So our boy is 5. I had to take a a few days to process that. I'm having a hard time with it. We've been so incredibly blessed. In all the usual wonderful kid ways, but so much more too. God knows what He's doing (duh!) and blessed us with Micah as our last. Just in case I'd have gotten baby fever again we were given him. Our 5 year old is still 2 in so many ways. And it's not entirely a bad thing. He draws out every single stage so long that we get to enjoy the baby and toddler stages that fly by so quickly with kids. Why would we want another baby? We've still got one. And he's a dear.

Listing only 5 things that I love about him is just not going to cut it, so I've decided to do 5 squared. Yes, 25 things we love about our baby boy, Micah. (25 IS 5 squared, right? I'm having doubts.)

1. He's so tender hearted. He cannot stand to see others cry and will try to comfort them, and often cry himself.

2. He loves to snuggle. Even as a 5 year old. And what mom ever outgrows that?

3. His blue eyes. Just like his brothers, and his daddy's.

4. The fact that he loves spending time with mommy. Even shopping. Sometimes he'll get my shoes and purse, asking to go somewhere.

5. He loves being a helper. He unloads the dishwasher, shuffles laundry, picks things up, feeds the dogs and tries dressing himself. (This last is not very successful, but it's the thought that counts.)

6. He's not selfish. If others take his toys he simply finds something else to play with. And he never takes someone else's toys. Except his Woody doll. Nobody messes with him. It's not a toy, it's his best friend.

7. He is so good at communicating without words or signs. This is life skills at it's finest.

8. He loves being outdoors. He'll play all day in warm weather.

9. The fact that he's memorized more movies than I care to admit. We find it amusing that he acts things out as they're happening.

10. His wonderful sense of humor. He will giggle like an idiot over the same scene in a movie until he just collapses in a heap on the floor.

11. Even though he will not go to sleep unless I sit with him, it's nice to have that one-on-one with him each night. The sleepy smiles and gentle carresses are priceless.

12. His sense of direction is incredible. He pays very close attention when we're driving, and gets excited when I take certain turns. He loves the gym, the amusement park and Wal-Mart.

13. He's so very independent. This is both good and bad, but I love that he can do most things he wants by himself. I'm also grateful that he asks me for help on the things that he can't. It's not always nice to have a gallon of milk thrown in bed with me, but at least he didn't try pouring it on his cereal himself.

14. He's freakishly strong and agile. He does pull-ups from the top bunk by flipping himself over the rail and hanging. He scales the 6 ft. chain link fence to visit the corgis in the kennel. He scares the daylights out of us, but he does not need physical therapy.

15. His wonderful imagination. He will play for the longest time with Woody, acting things out that only he knows about. We love that he has so much pretend play.

16. He idolizes his brothers, and looks at his sister as a second mom. He prefers Becky to mom when he's hurt. And I love that.

17. He cares what he wears. He looks at shirts that I put on him and pats them with approval if they meet his discriminiting taste. He will take it off if it does not.

18. Despite his concern over what shirt he wears, he's not opposed to playing outdoors in a diaper and water boots. I love that he's not aware yet of the fact that others judge you on your appearance.

19. Music is what makes him tick. He will dance along with just about anything. And we love watching. When he was much younger we had to get him out of the church nursery during song time so that he could enjoy it with us.

20. Being held upside down is fun. When he's antsy, silly, or bored or tired all I have to do is lay him in my lap with his head hanging from my knees, or hold him in my arms with his head dangling and he's content forever. Really. We've worried about the blood rushing thing but he's good. And it's been the best entertainment at crowded doctor's offices, in long meetings or when trying to talk to someone while keeping tabs on him.

21. He loves daddy. He will go anywhere and do anything for daddy. Even things that he would never consider doing for mommy. The devotion is amazing.

22. I love that he loves his grandparents, and loves visiting their houses. This makes it wonderful for the grandparents, and us as well. And it's such a treat for him!

23. He is incredibly obedient. Yes, he's 5. Yes, he's still a toddler. But when he knows a routine he finishes the steps to get things done. I hope he never loses this.

24. He loves taking a bath. Hair cuts are sheer torture and brushing his teeth just doesn't happen, but at least he takes a bath with much delight.

25. He's taught us so much about acceptance, love, and cherishing the small things. I'm so grateful that the other kids get to be raised with him. And that we're his parents.


Maria said...

He sounds so full of life! I'm sure he's taught you a lot.

Sandy C. said...

Micah is darling! Time goes by too quickly. He seems like a sweet little man :) I love the Birthday cake!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the handprint cake. And, his t-shirt is adorable!

jessica said...

that's such a lovely, wonderful post! thanks for sharing. he's precious!

Kellan said...

He is simply the most precious blessing - you are so lucky to have the sweet boy. And, he couldn't be any cuter!! I loved hearing all these wonderful things about him - he seems so happy and such a joy to be around.

Have a good Wednesday Karen -see you soon. Kellan

Deanne said...

What a neat tribute you've written! I love that hand print cake - fabulous!!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Micah seems amazing. A kid with a zest for life and a heart bigger than most.

I think we'd all be better off for having a little bit of "Micah" in our lives!!

Hallie :)

Karen said...

Yeh, isn't that cake just a Martha Stewart original? I had grand plans of making something spectacular, but was out of baking powder. 'Til I waited for my husband to get home with the goods I ran out of creative time.

Karen MEG said...

Oh Karen, he is utterly darling, what a lovely, lovely boy. Sounds like he's brought so much to your family and is lucky to be so loved.

This was a beautiful post.

kimmy said...

What a great post about your son! Kids are just amazing and this is a great list of all the things that make him special!


pb&j in a bowl said...

What a doll!! This is so sweet. He's a lucky little boy to have such great parents.

Lori said...

What a great kid you've got there. And such a loving family for him to grow in!

Andrea said...

I love his shirt!! You bet you made that!! I love the handprint in the cake too!! He is adorable!! I am glad he had a great birthday!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Darn you and your ability to bring tears to my eyes.

I cannot wait until I get a chance to meet Micah. He's adorable, amazing, and all around awe-inspiring. I'm so lucky to know him, even if it is indirectly for now.

(And the five shirt? LOVE IT!)

Cecily R said...

I love Micah. I've said this MANY times, but that kid just makes me feel all squishy inside. I want a movie night with one of his favorite movies and then watch him scale walls and do pullups. :)

Happy Birthday little man!!

Deb in OPKS said...

That was beautiful. I saw Peanut in so many of those items. You're right, you are truly blessed and God knew what he was doing when he gave you Micah and Micah you.

Happy Birthday little man!

utmomof5 said...

Happy Birthday Micah!! Ounds like you a quite a blessing to your family!! Hope you have a great b-day!


Bia said...

You've been blessed with a child that has a heart of gold.

caramama said...

He sounds so wonderful! What a great little boy you have! Your descriptions of him make me melt.

Love the 5 shirt and the hand-print cake!! Also, 5 squared is indeed 25. ;-)

Melissa said...

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful little boy!!

Anonymous said...

That brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful and handsome little boy. And I LOVE his shirt!

Don Mills Diva said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

Pam said...

What a beautiful list!

We got the shirt today! Ashlyn LOVES it and just had to put it on right away! Thanks again!!

Leanne said...

Love the cake. Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing your little man with us. You made me smile.

Colleen said...

I love the cake! So simple, so easy! I hope you don't mind if I steal the idea for Gavin (although 4-finger cake might look like I have a maimed child once I do the sugar dusting).
I love the list...such a wonderful list of things about your sweet sweet boy (and Gavin is also VERY particular about his shirts...but LURRRVED the one you sent!). happy b-day again to Micah!

Irene said...

What a sweetie!

I am also so happy that my kids get to grow up with Caroline. To them, a severely disabled child is pretty much no big deal. As we say, Caroline is just a little different. But different is OK.

Michelle said...

I know I'm late, but I still wanted to wish Micah a happy 5th birthday! I love the handprint on the cake!
What a great list you put together - I'm glad you did this to give us more of a glimpse into Micha's personality!
5,6 and 9 sound a lot like Kayla :)

Queen Mommy said...

Was his birthday on March 4th? Because my oldest turned five on March 4th. Happy birthday Micah. What a handsome little man!!!