Highlights and Undertones

Some weekends are more productive than others. The soccer game was cancelled Saturday morning and it wasn't raining, so this was one of those productive ones.

First of all the bean tunnel came down. It was on it's way down anyway since I didn't know what I was doing when I made it. I've since educated myself. I am a woman with a mission now and there will be no stopping me. I'm thinking Christmas gifts will be made of wood this year. I know you're all dyeing to be added to my list. Don't deny it.

I replaced the tunnel with mini Eiffel towers for the beans to grow on. Who wants an elephant of a tunnel when you can grow French green beans?

Oh, and I added the steps, too. Just because. Sometimes I do silly things like that when I should be doing so many more things. Luke tells me they're not spaced closely enough. Silly me, I was spacing them for my paces. I am not happy with the brick now that I see it pictured. I'll have to work on those.

This little guy has a sad story to tell.

I saw him over near the dog kennel and thought to myself, "Self, he needs to live in your garden. He'll love it there!" Then I noticed that a front foot was gone. He couldn't get around very well, poor thing. But he survived the night and managed to find his way out of my garden, so he can't be as bad as all that. He might actually be a she, though. Have you ever seen such a fat little toad? If it's indeed a he, he needs to cut back on the Bug Juice.

As the kids were playing hide and seek in the basement, they stumbled upon this little gem.

Only it wasn't in the bag. I know it's difficult to make out without being able to get up close and personal, but it's a snake head. A rather nice sized snake head at that. No body. Obviously the thing found it's way into the basement and died. A long time ago. But the house is only 3 years old. The first winter, as we were still building, the basement wasn't sealed around the door and we had a mouse problem, so here's hoping that thing found it's way in along with the mice and then couldn't find it's way back out. Because the alternative is that it thrived, had a snakey wife and babies, and died of old age. But I don't want to think about that. I might have to move. Suffice it to say, I'm horrified and have the freaky-creepies.

After that thing was discovered inside, I figured it was safer to be outside. So I resumed my obsession with wood.

My mom's birthday is Tuesday and I thought this might be nice for her roses to grow on. I'm insanely jealous of those roses. I planted them at her horse stable when I still lived at home, these many long years ago. They are thriving, healthy and produce an abundance of roses every year. I've planted more roses than I care to admit at my place and not a one of them will go to the bother of living. Those roses have some kind of nerve.

And this is the week that we became drum owners, so no day is complete without this taking place.

At 6:30 in the AM, Micah remembers that those sweet things are in the basement. He's lucky that
1.) the house is well insulated enough that it's not annoyingly loud
2.) I rather like the sound of drums. Just not at 6:30 in the AM.

And because I didn't feel productive enough after I finished planting my vegetable garden, I decided to put in that garden out front that I've been talking about all spring.

I'm not nearly as happy with that trellis as I had visions of being, but for now it's staying. I'm hoping that the clematis actually grows and climbs as the tag promised it would. And the big debate now is whether or not I should make wings for either side of the trellis. Would it be too much? Or would it kinda tie things together? There are so many choices, how am I to cope?


Michelle said...

Seriously, you did that in one morning? And you have kids? I don't think I like you anymore.

The best I could do today was convince my wee one and the two kids I was babysitting that pulling mustard garlic and putting it into a pile was fun. Yeah, that lasted about five minutes.

And I did think the snake head was actually quite cool. Don't forget, they're cold blooded so need lots of heat. They don't survive indoors -- no snakey babies!

Debbie Yost said...

I am seriously impressed with your woodwork and completely creaped out by the snake head!

Flea said...

You've been a busy girl! I'm tired now.

Love the trellises. Do clematis like sun or shade? I clipped a piece from my sister-in-law's and have it in a glass of water trying to get roots from it. It seems to like my window and the water. But where do I put it? And how much for you to make me a trellis? :)

Sandy C. said...


Sorry, I'm terrified of frogs...and snakes...and just about most reptiles.

6:30am drums? Ouch :(

Looks like you've been really busy outside. I love what you've done with the trellis.

Irene said...

Cool trellis! My oldest grew me a Morning Glory for Mother's day. I need to plant it outside on a trellis, but really didn't want to buy one. This may be a great alternative!

And the snake? Yeah, time to move...

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow. Where DO you get your energy???
I'm tired just reading everything you've done. And the snake head... yeah, the small joys of every day life. I love your wood things and wish I had your green thumb.

Pam said...

the snake head- I would be moving!

Anonymous said...

You have way too much energy. The shop, the gardening, the dogs, the kids, the boob judging. I'm tired just thinking of your schedule. AND, the drums?? Will they soon be going to the dump?

ALF said...

I like the picture of the frog but then you said he had a sad story so I didn't read it because I don't like to read sad stories about animals. So, that is my story.

jessica said...

that trellis will be so cute with the clematis! so cute. and ew, the snake head gives me the heebie jeebies, that's worse than my MOUSE! although you're right, you probably didn't have mice when that thing was loose in your house! and congrats on the drum set. maybe you'll have to get yourself some ear plugs soon.

Andrea said...

What fantastic wood working skills you have! What are you going to be widdling everyone for Christmas? LOL!! That poor frog!!

Cecily R said...

Me me me!! I want to be on your Chirstmas list!! I told you that if you make it I will think I need it!

Colleen said...

look how crafty you are with your woodwork and such!
I need to get a gigantic trellis to help manage my out-of-control blackberry bush (although give it 2 more months and I think it will be a tree!). I'm no non-crafty but so cheap that I think I'm just going to stick a 9-foot ladder in the ground and be done with it. ;)

Spammon said...

Wow, you scored some SWEET show n' tell loot from your yard! I once found a decomposed cat carcass and a cow jaw bone in my backyard while excavating. It was awesome.

caramama said...

I am seriously impressed with you! How do you do it all? And you do it all so well!

Queen Mommy said...

I love the wood obsession. I will need lessons. Looks awesome!

just jamie said...

Okay, you're amazing. Seriously. where do I begin? Is there anything you *can't* do. Don't answer that. I'm going to venture a guess and say NO.

I love the ... well, EVERYthing you made from would. And, poor frog. Now, I'm going to be thinking about the poor one-legged frog that's limped from your garden.