How Does Your Garden Grow?

I may not be Mary (that's my sister) but I'm sharing how my garden grows. This is the shady part of my garden. It looks better in this picture than in real life. I'm slowly ridding it of the weeds I imposed upon it.

This is the stable garden. (See the red stable and white fence in the background?) It, too, looks good in pictures. This one is overrun with ivy and weeds.

I was so thrilled that I successfully transplanted wild phlox. That was last year. This year? They're now a weed in the garden. Pretty is as pretty does and they've taken over. Stinkin' pretty weeds.

Promises of good things to come.

And even better things to come. Yum.

Chives in bloom. They look as good as they taste.

It's a long way up, beans, but you can do it!

My azalea is the last to bloom in the entire county. My MIL says it's because I transplant it every year. She may be right.

And my pond. I went the easy/cheap route and buried a Rubbermaid crate. Micah gets an unholy joy out of throwing things in holes. I may just throw the dirt back in and call it a failed attempt. This was the third "rocking" the poor pond got. And I didn't even get to the put water in it stage. (I know there's water in it. That's from rain.)

Kate is sure there's a chipmunk living in that tree stump somewhere. She's been keeping vigil for two days.

Guess who I found? Why yes, it's our three-legged toad! This fat guy gets around. I shudder a little every time I see that poor mangled limb. But aparently it doesn't slow him down much.

Oh, and remember last weekend how I did the ask me a question thing? I'm getting around to answering, I promise. But if you haven't asked me something yet now is your chance to get in on the asking.

Ask away!


Melissa said...

Your plants and flowers are gorgeous and those tomatoes? Really, how did they get so big so fast. It's hardly even summer yet!!

jayna said...

Looks gorgeous. I'd love to wander around your property and admire everything.

Andrea said...

Wow you have more of a green thumb than I do! Your weeds look wonderful!!!! I need some weeds that look like that. We have a Mr. Toad that comes to our back door!!

Karen said...

Melissa - I bought those tomatoes from the greenhouse with blossoms on them. I have wondered if I should have pinched them off when I planted them but decided against it. Time will tell if they'll mature or not.

Jayna - love your new avatar!

Andrea - you've got more than one toad, and you can keep them!

Sandy C. said...

Wow! Things are really starting to blossom there :) That toad totally scares me!

Kellan said...

Beautiful flowers and gardens. I love when you said that the one garden looked better in the picture than it does in real life - ACK! It looks pretty good! I'd shew that 3 legged frog into the neighbors yard and then build a fence.

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Debbie Yost said...

I'm jealous. I'm going to be posting some pictures of my gardens soon. They are woefully neglected!

Anonymous said...

How can you have almost tomatoes already? When did you plant them? I planted mine almost a month ago and I am nowhere near that stage (I even planted an early producing tomato plant).

You are much braver than me with the whole garden thing. I just have 4 tomato plants, 6 pepper plants, 5 herbs, beans, and I am planting romaine, kale and swiss chard this weekend.

Cecily R said...

How I ENVY your green thumb!! YOur pictures and your garden are GORGEOUS. It looks like a place my mom and I would love to just stroll through (we both love to walk around gardens).

And then we would find some good holes and play rocking with Micah. :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

It was like show and tell-- I loved it. And your MIL may be wrong, your azalea my be a gypsy at heart and the late blooming has nothing to do with never knowing where it will wake up next.

Flea said...

What do you do, when the kids and life are driving you crazy, to unwind? And what's your favorite hiding spot (for you, not your stuff)?

just jamie said...

That poor frog. Gets me every time.

And your garden is amazing. I'm not kidding. I have NEVER successfully planted anything and kept it alive. In my first house, I planted bulbs ... upside down. I'm ENTIRELY clueless. Bravo to you.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You are such a liar with your "I can't grow anything" junk. Liar, liar pants on fire.

I might be a little bitter. My peonies refuse to bloom. It's been six years since I put them where they are now, and they still won't bloom. I don't even remember what color they were.

caramama said...

Your garden is gorgeous and I'm very jealous. I have a black thumb and a desolate backyard. My hubby is the one who is good with plants (I'm amazing with animals), and he has plans for our yard. We will see if he ever gets around to it. I'm going to show him your pics to give him ideas!

Colleen said...

ok...2 things:
1. all of my azaleas bloomed a month or so ago, except for just bloomed two days ago...and it's never been transplanted (although my juniper is slowly encroaching upon it).
2. Gavin brought home a bean plant 10 days ago and I think it will climb to the ceiling before week's tall do those stinkers get?