What's With All The Random?

*First of all, I want to toss out a farewell to The Burgh Blog. While I'd only recently discovered the fun Burgh Blog, it was one of my daily highlights. I'm sure PittGirl had no clue that I existed because I only read through my Google Reader and never clicked over to comment, but I'll miss her nonetheless. Also? Let this be a lesson to people - when someone wants to be anonymous, let it alone already!

*I am attending a cookie swap on Saturday with fellow Burgh Bloggers. The plan was to bring a half dozen cookies per person. I thought this was all kinds of odd because who the heck shows up with 6 cookies at a cookie swap? I even mentioned so much to my daughter as we were deciding what kind to make. I was going to be an overachiever and take two or three dozen. I mean - 6 cookies! - I could eat those on the way home. Turns out that should have been bring 6 cookies FOR each person attending. Yeh, that makes more sense. Good thing that was clarified to me before Saturday because that would have been embarrasing.

*I had teacher conferences yesterday. That was fun, as always. Luke's teacher is impressed with him, as are we. He's our Academic Artist, but for obvious reasons I won't refer to him as our AA child. She also asked for a business card, so I considered that meeting a success. The motto being, "forget the kids, lets talk business."

*Micah's teacher blew me away by showing me Micah's attempt to draw Mat Man. It shockingly looked like it could, indeed, resemble Mr. Man. Considering that Micah still will not even pick up a pencil at home, I'm floored that he's making such great strides at school. The boy makes me proud in new ways every day.

*We have dumb dogs.

*We heart potatoes.

*I met with Ken (from Prentke-Romich) yesterday and he showed me how to program the marvy new Vantage Lite that is now in our possession. (On temporary loan only, don't get too excited.) We found it amusing that the voice it came programmed with sounded very Amish. Turns out, the founders of the company were Mennonite. I'll bet it was their voices recorded for the original. Oh, and the Vantage Lite? Is A-Maze-ing. Like you can't even believe.

*The therapist who is in charge of putting in the paperwork for the Vantage Lite to become officially ours assured me that she would do that the very day I talked to her, nearly two weeks ago. I got a phone call from her today. She was just getting ready to send in the request. I about blew a gasket. Another two weeks lost. Why can't people do what they say they're gonna do? Do they not realize that time is of the essence here? Because it kinda is. And if she messes this up I'm gonna blow more than a gasket.

*Woody has been replaced. Micah chose a new Woody in the store last week and was thrilled nigh unto death with it. We took complete and shameless advantage of this and hid his old one. Unlike the movie, I'm sure Woody won't be upset to be shelved. He deserved retirement in a warm closet box with a few retired Bessie dolls. (Becky chose Bessie over Barbie. She was a bit on the handmade side, and very much loved.)

Micah was cool with this right up until the moment he spotted Woody on a shelf in my closet. New Woody was tossed aside and Old Woody was once again dancing on tables. Thank goodness for school. I put Woody on a higher shelf, in a box. I feel like a traitor, but it's for his own good. How traumatic would it be when the poor cowboy's legs fell off? The transition is complete and New Woody is now dancing merrily on tables too.

*Have you noticed that new, funky box on the top left of my blog? The one that says I'm in the final 6? In case you haven't clicked over to see what it's all about, I tossed my name into the hat to be a contributing writer for the Simple review blog. Out of a field of 60ish, I'm in the final 6. (Five now, one of the girls pulled her name from the hat.) I'm not sure at all where I'll find the time for this, but it sure is exciting. And I think it'll be tons of fun. Keep an eye out on Simple for the results to be posted.


Michelle said...

Oh very cool on the final 5 piece. Here's hoping you get it.

And THANK YOU for getting the Mat Man song going through my head. We do Mat Man at our school, and this is year three of me singing it periodically. And since Mister Man's class is working AGAIN with Mat Man, I know we'll all be singing it for days to come. I love the theory behind Mat Man though.

And the cookies? I NEED to set up a cookie exchange this year. I love cookies. I love seeing what other people bake. I've never been to one though, so how do they work? And what are your scrumptious looking chocolate cherry (?) cookies? Yum!

The Sports Mama said...

Apparently I've been spending a bit more time watching Coach and the boys play their war games....

Those cookies look like they're bleeding.

just jamie said...

I'm digging your random thoughts tonight.

Shellie said...

I hope you win! Did you kill the cookies? Love all the pics. Too bad that blog went down. :(

Caution Flag said...

Thank-you for having dumb dogs. It's good to know I'm not alone.

Now about those cookies with no recipe posted ... !

Burgh Baby said...

Remember when you were struggling to decide if sending Micah to kindergarten was a good idea? You done good, ma'am.

Cecily R said...

I love your randomness...it makes me happy!

I'm glad your parent/teacher conferences went so well...that is so exciting about Micah!

Melissa said...

Okay, you need to tell me what kind of cookies those are...they look yummy!

mommaof4wife2r said...

1. love that you are a finalist...noticed it as soon as i clicked over.
2. cookies. send them to me and no one gets hurt.
3. matman rocks. brooke does him and handwriting without tears with great success at school. no matman work here...they do anything for teachers...ok, not really.
4. love the new and improved VOICE. i want to come and play. :)

Andrea said...

6 cookies, I am with you, how could one only take 6 cookies. Good thing you got the call about 6 each, LOL!!

And poor Woody, shelved. Micah is too cute. My kids all have blankets.

Dogs, are always so fun and entertaining.

Oh, and I will have to check out your little box in the right hand corner. I have been slacking lately with the new pup. I have a lot of back reading to do!!

Hooray for Micah and his drawing, that is awesome!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

wow, the randomness has my head spinning just trying to comment back. Why does woodycookies and Matman keep standing out?
I'm going to check out what the heck you're talking about (final 5?), but for now, congrats!

the planet of janet said...

yay, micah!

and... ahem... where's the recipe for those cookies???????

JennyH said...

What kind of cookie are they? I go to a cookie swap every year. I have fun but man do I end up with a lot of cookies and sweets that really, we don't need! Oh well, they are yummy. Not sure what I am making for this years. Were your cookies pictured hard to do?

Good news about the parent/teacher conferences. I remember Max drawing Mat man for his OT once last year.

Poor woody has been shelved! But that is good for the new woody!

Cool that you got to meet Ken in person and he helped you out. Sucks that other person wasted 2 weeks!!

Cool potato and my dogs are probably even more stupid than yours!

Flea said...

Why are your cookies bleeding to death?

CC said...

That potato is awesome.

How's Micah doing with the Vantage? More spontaneous words or still mostly about food?

How are you guys doing in modeling constant use?

Hurray for great cookies!

Nap Warden said...

That's a bummer about Burgh Blog:P

Great looking cookies!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Oh God I thought you meant Burgh Baby! I had a little panic attack there for a sec!

Aaannnd...I'm off to vote!

Colleen said...

Poor, chilly Tinkerbell! Now that it's really gotten chilly, our two bostons find the coziest spots they can smash themselves into in order to stay warm since they lack any real amount of hair. In fact, mine sleep under our covers, regardless if we're in bed or not. Has she tried nesting in a blanket for you yet? Kinda funny to watch...looks a bit like a dancing rhino...

Michelle said...

That's great that you had such a good report from his teacher! It's always nice to hear of the things they're doing in school that they don't/won't do at home.

So I missed the box that you were in the top 6/5...are the results over? Did you get in? I'm so far behind! It sounds liked it was/is a neat opportunity!