The Weekend Away

Sam and I had a very enjoyable few days in the city, thanks for asking. Here's what I learned.

* Just because I buy a new Steelers sweatshirt to wear into the city on game weekend doesn't mean that I fit in. I chose to wear mine Saturday rather than Friday. Turns out, Friday was the city-wide, standard pre-game pep rally. Durrrrhhhhh. I'm always so out of the loop.

* If you don't need to go into a store for anything, don't. I knew this, and yet I went into Ikea "just to look." While we scored some incredible finds, we spent a small fortune there. Ouch.

* When you get the idea to re-do this, or make that, write it down. You've no idea how often I've seen something in a store and said, "hey! I can make that!" and then promptly forgot it. So in the interest of not forgetting, I've vowed to make curtains for the breakfast nook and a shower curtain for our bath. Maybe a valance in there like those cute little numbers at the hotel would look good, too. And while I'm at it, could I possibly get around to the sheers for the living room? Oh, and that Steelers shirt that Micah is outgrowing? Remember that cute purse you saw that woman carrying into Target made from an old jersey? Yeh, that, too.

* Barnes & Noble really does know how to hold a sale. I didn't know. I only wish that I'd have gotten more. Very little kaching is a good thing.

* When checking into a hotel and you're surrounded by businessmen in suits, refrain from making the statement, "I'm here purely for pleasure." It just doesn't sound so good.

* King size beds are very nice. I'm just saying.

* Nobody makes a burger like Fuddruckers. *sigh*

* Even though I managed to hose up the Wearing of the Black and Gold, the Steelers done us proud anyway. I did wear the sweatshirt to church to make up for my obvious blunder. In fact, our whole family dressed in our Sunday best for the day.


utmomof 5 said...

King size bed, yup they are very nice :P

We spent a small fortune at Ikea this weekend too! So much for a bad economy :)

Michelle said...

So glad you enjoyed your weekend! That sounds like quite the adventure. "I'm here purely for pleasure" HA!

So did you take pictures of any of the items you want to make or are you just going to remember them? I pull pages out of magazines and ummm hope that I find them someday ... the time and the magazine page, that is!

Andrea said...

I am here simply for pleasure!! LOL!! You are too funny!! And yes IKEA is dangerous!! Sounds like you guys had a great trip, and your steelers fans look great in their black and gold!!

Burgh Baby said...

Meeting friends for dinner is also nice. Just sayin'.

Leanne said...

Glad you had fun.

The forgetting the things I want to make is the reason I got a camera phone this time around. Now I just take pictures of everything and send it to my PC.

Now, if only every day was about six hours longer...

Kim said...

Yeah, I went to Ikea this weekend for "a couple things" as well. I love telling my husband about all the good deals I got (nothing was more than $10). We just won't tell him how much the total bill was. What he doesn't know won't hurt him :)

Karen said...

Love IKEA!!!!

And the "purley for pleasure" comment is a classic. I love it.