Ah, Young Love

I was listening to a bunch of teen girls talking about boys (who's hot and who's not) so I felt compelled to share a story. My daughter was totally amazed that it ever took place. I guess she thinks that I've always been an old, married fuddy-duddy.

I was midway through 7th grade when I started receiving gifts anonymously in my locker. It started with fake flowers. I open my locker one morning and there were faded, tired, seen-better-days fake roses. Always the Pollyanna, my first thought was "oh, how sweet!" but that was verrrry quickly followed by the thought, "what the heck?!" I have never been big on PDAs, and even now rarely even hold hands with my husband in public. We love each other, yo. We just don't need to make the world sick by showing them how much.

Anyhoo, there was no note with the flowers, just a ribbon tied around them. An anonymous admirer. Who the heck? I spent many years (truly, I still wonder) contemplating the possibilities. I also tossed them when I got home because I had no feelings for anonymous and the last thing I wanted was to be ragged by my family for something that was totally out of my control.

One day it was a box of chocolates. One of those tiny heart-shaped ones that holds 4 pieces of candy. If I recall correctly, one piece was missing. No note, no hints, no heads' up.

I had theories. There was that new kid in school and rumor had it that he liked me. He was in my grade, not bad looking, but for some reason also not thought highly of by my peers. Either way, it didn't matter. I was a late bloomer and had no interest in boys in 7th grade. I spent too much time with my horse to notice the opposite gender.

My other theory was a boy in my sister's grade. He was 3 years older than I was, and rumor had it, also, that he thought I was cute. Both my sister and my cousin were in his grade and they heard the gossip. He was very tall (even for his age, not just mine) dark, and quite handsome. I know how incredibly romantic this sounds. An upper class man, the classic good looks, the fact that he liked me... It's like my own Twilight story. Except it wasn't. Both Edward and UpperClassmanGuy both had secrets, but I'd prefer a vampire to a druggie. Call me weird like that. UpperClassmanGuy came to school sober about 3 days a month. Either he was high, drunk, or both. He's the reason the school now has random drug testing and K9 locker raids. He also spent his senior year in juvvie. It was a wasted life in more ways than one. I was not amused that he found me attractive. And I did not eat the chocolates. I tossed those as well.

Valentine's Day was coming up and one of the clubs had sold carnations for the event. Each color meant something different, and you could purchase one and have it delivered to your sweetheart on V-Day. Since I'd been receiving more and more stuff in my locker, I was sure that I'd be getting a carnation. Publicly. In front of the whole class. I.Would.Be.Mortified.

But I would be ready. You could pay a quarter to find out who gave you a flower. I'd swallow the embarrassment and know once and for all who to direct my cold shoulder to.

Sure enough, they called my name. The class twittered, most were shocked. (The girl that doesn't even LIKE boys? Being a girl, I did revel in the part where some of the popular girls got nada while I did.) I took my flower, reached in my pocket for my tell-all payment, and was about to ask who sent it - but then I was interrupted. "I'm sorry, that was the wrong name." And they took my flower back and asked me to return to my seat. Boy, was my face red. Some boy was going to pay seriously, because I had strong suspicions that it really was mine and they messed up my name.

I spent the rest of the day avoiding the eyes of most people, and was ever so grateful when the end of the day came. I was at my locker loading up the backpack for the day when someone approached me with a flower. They apologized profusely, explained that they had this flower left and realized that it really was mine, and handed back the same pink "I really like you" color that I had that morning. I figured they owed me a name even without a quarter at this point, so I asked who gave it.

She didn't know. She didn't have those papers with her. I'd have to talk to the So-and-So Club that did the fundraiser to find that out.

That was the last anonymous gift I ever got. I never did know who they were from. And in retrospect, I kinda feel for the poor sap that tried so hard to get my attention.


Krista said...

Loved your story! The admirer probably thought you found out who he was and because you didn't pay any more attention to him as usual he took that as a big "NOT INTERESTED." Ha! He could be the hottest guy in school who is now a multi-millionaire with a chip on his shoulder because you dissed him! Probably not, but what if? :D

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

And that's how it works, if you show absolutely no interest in a guy, (or guys) you get secret admirers but if you are all boy crazy like I was you don't get so much as a look in your direction. That's what I keep telling my daughter, too. I just told her she better STAY disinterested because she's not dating till she's 30.

I can't believe you never found out who it was from!

Karen said...

Krista - That sounds like a great theory, but I don't think anyone from my school ever broke 100K/yr.

Karen said...

That is a great story!!! I so wish my secret admirer had stayed secret. That's a post for another day.

KG said...

Poor schmuck ... that totally sucks that you never found out who it was. I bet he was figuring that for sure you'd know who he was with the carnation gift and then when you never gave any indication that you had a clue who it was? I bet he was crushed.

Karen Deborah said...

cool story, you wonder even now so the poor guy is a legend.

pb&j in a bowl said...

That's the type of thing that would drive me crazy! If someone gives me something- I want to know who it is, why they gave it, and if I can regift it to someone else.

Unknown said...

That is a sweet yet really sad story!! Thanks for sharing it, it made me laugh :)

Burgh Baby said...

Awwww! That poor little sweet guy (or girl, you never know) will forever belong to the unrequited lovers club.

Lynn C Mama to 3 said...

Confession time. They did the V Day flower routine in 8th grade, and I moved to that school in November of same year, so no boyfriend or even crush yet. So, I sent myself a flower so I wouldn't look like a total loser. It worked! Until now.

Signed - Total Loser

HalfAsstic.com said...

OH I loved it! That was a great story! And now? I feel totally ripped off that I don't know who was giving you all that stuff! Me! It's aaaaall about me! heh heh heh.
Seriously, I bet you really wonder who...?

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

aw - I feel sorry for the loverboy.

7th grade I was BOY insane.

I like how you told the young girls this ... how cute. I bet they hung on your every word. I would have at that age.

Michelle said...

See - the fact that you weren't into guys at that age because of horses... for that reason alone I'm almost willing to get Little Miss into riding. Almost.

imbeingheldhostage said...

What a great story, but you know,you could NOT pay me to be a teenager again. That poor lovesick kid, maybe he'll fess up at your reunion someday.