Hello, Monday

Becky went to Virginia with her grandparents over the weekend. She had a great time visiting her cousins even though she came back with a tell-tale cough and fever. I knew from experience that bronchitis was being harbored in her lungs. We spent the morning at the doctor where we found out that in addition to mom's diagnosis she also has a respiratory flu. She's on three different drugs (each hefty duty) to try to get her back on her feet. To say that she's miserable is the understatement of the month.

She had a sleepwalking bout last night because of the fever. Those are always fun. I was up babysitting her for a few hours trying to keep her from falling down steps and such like. Poor girl, she is always in hysterics when she's sleepwalking. It's incredibly funny the morning after. Not so much between the hours of 1 and 3 in the AM. Thank goodness for the medicinal knock-out effects of NyQuil.

Because she'll be home for a few days, and laying around trying to recover, we rented some movies. I introduced her to the classic, Gone With the Wind. I'm not sure that she was completely thrilled with it, but we all know that movies aren't as good as books. I haven't seen the movie in years, but read the book every year without fail. It's my very fave.

We also rented Twilight. While I loved the book series despite my every effort not to, the movie was um, well, yeh. Disappointing. Edited. Fast paced. Lacking emotion. All of the above. Sorry.

I spent the latter half of Twilight holding a dog's paw because she was incredibly stressed and in much terror over her impending labor. I employed my stellar canine midwifery skills and revived a for-all-practical-purposes dead puppy. (Go, me!) But after several more hours of pure nothingness we headed to the vet for oxytocin. *sigh* I love that stuff. Mostly when it's used on others and not myself.

I got news today that Micah's Vantage Lite has been shipped and we should expect to receive it Wednesday. Our very own. After 6 months of tears and fighting. We are beside ourselves. The joy, the relief, the sense of accomplishment. It's all there. I will be posting all about it in the future, trust me.

I did not even pick up The Rebel once today. Life was coming at me a little too fast to record things for posterity's sake. That's not so good. I'll try to remedy that tomorrow.


mommaof4wife2r said...

that pic o micah is cracking me up!

Karen Deborah said...

great Micah pic, poor Becky that is soooooo not fun. Tell her we all hope she gets better very soon!

Karen said...

So sorry to hear about Becky. We are feeling it around here. The RS has "Walking Pneumonia" whatever that is. The 1st One is getting over strep and virus. The other three are all in the middle of said virus that is kind enough to bring soaring fevers, hacking coughs, achey bodies and stuffy heads. So when I say I feel your pain.....I mean it!

I wasn't a Twilight the Movie fan either, but my husband reminds me that I was not it's target audience.

Yahoo for Micah's Vantage Lite. Looking forward to those posts. Get some rest....sounds like you need it.

Trannyhead said...

Again - the month of March is the worst. Ever.

Flea said...

That's the best DOH! picture ever! Hugs to Becky! It's been a brutal year for kids, but it seems a better one for asthmatics. Bizarre.

the planet of janet said...

hope becky is better soon... and that micah's voice arrives soon, too.

as for twilight the movie? i agree.


i'm thinking of watching with the commentary on. perhaps that will help.

caramama said...

So sorry that Becky is so sick! That really sucks. I'm incredibly happy that the Vantage Lite is on its way! Hurrah!

I was okay with the Twilight movie. I totally got why they had to edit it the way they did, and I think it still got across most of the important things. But I didn't walk into the movie with high expectations. ;-)

Lovin Mama said...

perfect picture of Micah to go with this post!

Isn't it nice having a daughter to share movies with. :)

Andrea said...

I hope Becky is feeling better! I had broncitis for two months. It's miserable. I hope she gets back up and running in no time! And way to go to you, little midwife doggy birthing wonder woman!! Sorry the puppy died. I hope to see pictures of all the other pups!

Michelle said...

Ohh, poor Becky! That's no fun (for either of you... I'm living it!). I certainly hope she feels better soon.

And wow with the puppies. It can never just be easy for you (or them), can it?