Saturday Shots

A Puddle of Springtime

Sleeping Cutie

Riley Boy

He shoots, he scores.

Umbrella Talk

And now let's explore some toy OCD, shall we?

A Car for Every Driver

Buzz has been drafted as chaperone for the Woodys and Jessies.

Which one of these things does not belong?

And on a side note, it's truly amazing that the thing that does not belong is actuall there. There was a day when Mr. OCD could not have mismatched things together. At all. The universe would have exploded.


Pam said...

Your Riley is a cutie! Does he bite like my Riley?

Karen said...

Oh, I love the toy OCD! Love it, love it! said...

I don't know if I have ever told you about my cousin and her penchant for any Rubicks Cube. Get one for Micah, he may really enjoy it.
Just a thought. ;-)

Mason and Terri's Mom said...

I love all these pictures~~~!

Shellie said...

Those are some great photographs, I love the puppy and the toys!

Karen Deborah said...

WHAT kind of puppies? they are so cute!!!
If Micah discovers the cure for OCD please share!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Sadly, I see no OCD there whatsoever. It all makes perfect sense in my mind. And I wonder where Mister Man gets his idiosyncrasies ;)

I wish it were a puddle of spring here. That's such a heartening picture. Then I look out the window at the snow being blown off the trees....

Don Mills Diva said...

Love the photos!

And now I want a puppy!

just jamie said...

Such a cool window into your world - these pictures. Love them!

red pen mama said...

At least one of your kids has toy OCD. At my house, it's all me.

And those puppies! I just want to pick one up & squeeze it & pet it & name it George!


caramama said...

I cannot get enough pictures of the cute puppies at your house!

As for the toy shots, my favorite is the Buzz chaperone! hehe.