So Much for a Happy Birthday

Being full fledged members of the Red Robin Birthday Club, we are rewarded with coupons for a free burger on our birthdays. It's sa-weet, let me tell ya. Micah got his free burger coupon in my inbox, so we printed that thing out and headed to the restaurant.

Micah took his Voice and amazed us with some speech, of sorts. He saw the folded up kids' placemat with the mini crayon box inside. Instead of tearing into it, or asking for help, he pressed COLORS on his Voice.

So. Cool.

Then he made the sign for HELP to set the crayons free. I did. We reward any form of communication other than yelling and grunting readily. And you know what was really fun? Before he'd reach for any crayon, he'd find the color on his Voice and say it. BLUE, pick up blue. YELLOW, pick up yellow. PURPLE, pick up purple. I was thrilled. Mr. Stubborn will not go over colors, numbers, letters or even point to a dog in the book when we ask him to. It's all about doing what he wants in his own time. So you may be able to understand, just a little bit, that I had no idea that he knew his colors. My boy. He's growing up.

The waittress took our order, and we got him some apple juice. He was listening. Who knew? He reiterated by saying, DRINK, JUICE. We told him that it was coming. He was happy. The boy is using his Voice to communicate. That makes me happy.

After the meal, we handed the waittress our birthday burger coupon and she took it on her merry way to process our bill. When she came back, she brought several other staff members with her and presented Micah with an ice cream sundae and a helium balloon while they sang him the Happy Birthday song. The look on his face went from "Whoa! It's someone's birthday? I know that song! How fun is this?" to "Hey, they're stopping at our table. What are they doing here?" and ended up in "For the love of all that is good, please make them go away!" He hid behind daddy and refused to make eye contact. He also wouldn't take the offered balloon.

Sam offered Micah a bite of the ice cream. The boy lives for ice cream, but would have nothing to do with that sundae. Those People brought it. It was probably poisoned. We were clearly taking our life in our hands eating that stuff.

Then he started reaching toward the balloon that I was holding. I handed it across the table but he wouldn't take it. He crawled under the table to come get it. Hey, whatever works for him, right? He just didn't seem happy with it though. Did he want it tied onto his arm? Oh, definitely not.

The boy crawled out from under the table and took off running, balloon bobbing behind him like a kite on a windy day. Thank goodness it was trailing rather high in the air so that I could follow him as he weaved through tables, ran through the bar, and ended up at the entrance. There, he released the balloon to be with it's herd in the wild. Once it was safely reunited with the other balloons, he casually made his way back to our table. Mission accomplished.

I just hope he's not too traumatized by the Happy Birthday song in the future. Who knew that ice cream and a balloon could scar someone for life?


Pam said...

We love the red robin birthday club around this house too. Only- my kids scream and cry when they can't get a balloon. Then I scream and cry because they are screaming and crying. Next time, I'll eat the ice cream or Micah :)

pghrugbyangel said...

Sorry the birthday song didn't go over very well. But the fact that he knows his colors and surprised you using his Voice so much at dinner? I think that is totally awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Despite the singing set-back, I have to say it's very exciting to hear that Micah is making so much progress with his Voice. Look at you, proud mama!


the planet of janet said...

i'm thinkin' the good parts waaaaay outweighed some trauma over THOSE PEOPLE and the birthday song!

Karen Deborah said...

hum just maybe Micah thought they made a mistake, maybe he knew his birthday has already happened and it was NOT actually his birthday again already. It could be, some kids are very literal like that.
Him talking is so exciting, he is smart you know!

pb&j in a bowl said...

I can not even imagine how excited you must be to see his progress more and more every day.

Michelle said...

Way cool smart boy, Micah! Gotta love discovering all the things he knows :)

I didn't know that Red Robin HAD such a birthday club. Hmmm. But yeah... I can see being traumatized. Mister Man stll won't go near a balloon himself after having one pop right near him.

AZ Chapman said...

what a nice day come visit

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Who wants a balloon when you've got a voice? He would have ASKED for a balloon if he wanted one, Right?


Keep up the chatter Micah. (I'll keep up the prayers.)

Krista said...

It's so nice to hear about his progress! What a cutie! Did you get the little package I sent?

Keri said...

Everything about this post makes me smile.

His progress.

His stubborn-ness. (how the heck do you spell that?)

His sudden shyness.

His protests over their obvious poor singing skills. (He's clearly the next Simon.)

His Mork from Ork compulsion to release the balloon to "fly and be free!!!" (One of my fave quotes, btw.)

I love this boy. Tell him that for me.

Cecily R said...

I love him! I love that he is learning and using his voice and being happy. I love that you think its just fine for him to release his balloon into the wild to be with its herd (and that you put it that made me laugh).

And honestly, I hide when THOSE PEOPLE sing Happy Birthday to me too. But I'd take the sundae.

Karen said...

Krista - I did get the package. It came on the Very. Worst. Day. Ever. last week and the chocolate truffle bar did wonders to make the day better. Thank you a million times over.

P.S. - if you have more chocolate truffle bars you should probably just mail them now.

Gina said...

That is so cute! I love that he put the balloon back.

Unknown said...

I hate when they sing to me too! :)

Yea for the comminicating! I can only imagine the joy that brought you :)

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

How awesome! So funny that he had to put the balloon with the others - my youngest thinks the object of helium balloons is to make sure they fly away. ;-)

Happy Birthday again, Micah!

Lynn C Mama to 3 said...

I have that same reaction to people pointing out my birthday while I am eating in public too!!! Then again, I would dive head first into the sundae, so I might have been ok with that part!

justmylife said...

Sounds like the good may have overshadowed the bad. I don't like those people singing to me either. heh!!

Flea said...

Oh that's hilarious! So glad his balloon runs free with the others. :)

The Sports Mama said...

First, I have GOT to join that club! Since Coach lost his job, one of the things I've found I absolutely miss the most is a really good burger from somewhere!

Second, when is Micah's birthday? I know my future DIL's is tomorrow (which, just awesomely, happens to be the day after mine... she is sooo gonna fit in here), but am wondering just when Micah's is?

Lastly... I've missed commenting here. Actually, I've missed reading here, too. Long story, and it involves now being part of a jobless household, but I'm glad I get to read you now!! :)

JennyH said...

Those people are scary!

Glad he is using his voice box and even knows his colors!!

Karen said...

Minutes like this make you want ten minutes in your kids head. My oldest once reacted this way to a gift she was given for her birthday. It was a stuffed elephant. She made every effort to keep away from as well as all family members were to stay away from it.

How exciting about the colors!!!

caramama said...

Belated happy birthday to Micah!!

So awesome about him using is Voice and telling the colors. I just love hearing about it! Sorry the b-day song was so traumatic!