Pigs & Co.

The 4-H club that we belong to hosts a mid-summer livestock show. This means that it's mandatory that we help set up, clean up, and be there all day to help with the show. Good thing that we're livestock kind of people and I don't mind. Let me tell you, it was a loooooooong day last Saturday. I am so glad that my in-laws watched Luke and Micah for us because that would have made the day even longer. And not very fun, either.

So last weekend we roused these two from their slumber and took them to the show. If we're going to be there all day anyway, we may as well have the kids show the pigs.

The kids didn't do as well as they could have,

but the vet (who got the pigs for us) declared that they would do much better in August at the fair. (I have to trust that he knows what he's talking about.) He claims that it's all feed that makes the difference and two weeks before the fair we'll switch over to the stuff that'll make them winners. If we switch over too soon they won't be prime for the fair. I am beginning to wonder if he really does know what he's talking about. Then again, if I'd start eating salads daily I'd probably change my physique as well.

The pigs DID good in the ring, despite the fact that they didn't LOOK good in the ring. If you'll notice, there is no restraining device on the pigs at all. You show a pig by walking along beside it. The stick is to gently guide them where you want them to go. Most of the time, there is at least one pig running wildly back and forth and in circles just because it can. Our pigs were not THOSE pigs last weekend.

Next year I think Micah might need to tag along with us and venture into the show ring himself. The PeeWee division is The Cutest. And considering that they are expected to have older, competent helpers with them, it'll all be good. (Yes, that little girl in the red is an older, competent helper. You'd be shocked at the kids that can handle livestock like pros.) (And incidentally, that is not a good looking lamb. GAH!)

Being originally from the livestock show world, I know all the weirdness that goes on. People showing cows, horses, sheep, goats and pigs have a penchant for wearing gaudy amounts of silver jewelry and belt bling. It's natural to see in a showring, shockingly enough. What one doesn't see are pearls. This girl raided the wrong jewelry box. THAT is weird. (THAT is also a very good looking lamb. It placed very well. It has nothing to do with color either.)

This will be our next purchase. We are seriously contemplating a goat to keep the weeds eaten off in the pony pasture. From there it'll be just a teeny, tiny step to get one for the kids to show next year.

Cute, isn't he? According to his owner's sister, he's also The Devil Himself. We're hoping to get one that's not so devilish, but I hear devilish is a good description for goats. I'll let you know after we get ours.

This happened to be the Grand Champion goat of the day. He belongs to our vet's daughter, but was shown by a complete stranger because said daughter was away for the weekend and her sisters wanted nothing to do with Devil Goat. He's THAT bad. Looking at his innocent and adorable little face, I just find that so hard to believe.

Because I have a very large mouth and tend to open it on occasion, I was drafted as official photographer for the show. This meant that even after our kids were done showing, I still had to stick around waiting for the champions to be named. Mostly because while I was taking pictures for our club, the newspaper reporter spotted me and The Rebel and asked if I could forward her pictures of the champion pigs. She couldn't stay that long and would really appreciate it. One of these days, I'll learn to keep my big mouth shut and The Rebel hidden.


Andrea said...

I love livestock shows! They are so much fun. My good friend's boy show pigs. Those suckers get huge. I am glad the kids got out and got a chane to show. And we have a boer goat and we love him. We were suppssed to show him but we never did. I would love to see some of your champion pig pictures!!! One always has to watch who is around when one takes pictures with an SLR. :)

OHmommy said...

My kids would be all over that. How fun. That goat does not look the least bit devilish. Kinda of like my third child. LOL.

ModernMom said...

I don't know any devilish goats but have had a run in with a rooster that was straight from hell!

Shellie said...

I think the goat is going to make for great blog fodder when you get him. Strangely enough, I think a goat would fit in naturally around here. IF only it would eat all the weeds in my garden and not the plants, I'd consider it.

CC said...

Love the Devil goat. Seriously thought it was a large dog at first..

4H. As a city girl, I seriously have no knowledge of it at all. Does it stand for something? There was talk of having a 4H club at my son's school to help raise some "courtyard chickens". I was like, "um. yeah. not interested."

Karen Deborah said...

great shots and you need a goat.

the planet of janet said...

i am SO out of my element with this post! pigs? goats? oh my goodness!

Michelle said...

You did say "middle" of summer, right? Karen, today is the first day of summer! It can't be the middle of summer... it's just starting! Eek! EEK!

I love goats -- other people's goats that is. A barn I was at as a junior had goats for a short period of time. They quickly did too much damage to people's cars (among other things) and were ummm banished. Good luck finding that well-behaved goat :)

Trannyhead said...

Pigs are hawt. I would have no idea what a "good looking" pig versus a heinous pig even was. They all look like pigs to me.