Since When Was Summer School So Complicated?

The school talked about having Micah enrolled in Extended School Year over summer. I wasn't keen on this because it's summer, he hadn't learned a whole lot to lose over the months away from school, and he loves being with his siblings when they're here. I caved and enrolled him because he'll get occupational and speech therapy while there, and it's only 12 days in July.

But I still waffled. When I would take him shopping and the other kids were home, he was not a happy camper. He would not like getting on a van and being hauled to school while the big kids were jumping on the trampoline and swimming in the pool.

Last week was almost an answer to my dilemma when Micah burned his toes. He can't wear shoes, so it stands to reason that he can't go to school. Problem solved. I called the ESY contact number that I'd been given, but I should have known that it wouldn't be as easy as making a simple phone call. I had to fill out forms to dis-enroll him, call his teacher to let her know that he wasn't coming, contact his aide to let her know to stay home, and inform the transportation service that he wouldn't need picked up. I could stop at the school for the forms to fill out. I did. Nobody was there.

I figured it would be so much easier to just send him. So I did.

I put socks on my boy and sent him to school this morning. He was there an hour when I received the phone call that his aide wasn't there, and could I track her down please? He really can't be at school without his aide.

I called the aide. She is on vacation, and furthermore the teacher didn't send in her paperwork to be an aide over the summer months so she wasn't aware that she was to be working. She's not opposed to working, mind you, just wasn't aware that she should be.

I reported this information to the school. They said that she's hired through Agency B rather than Agency A that they normally work for, and she may have a summer contract already. I reminded the school that my home district hires through Agency B and they may have the summer contract there.

I called my home district. The principal wasn't aware of a summer contract with Agency B, but would call the agency to find out. He did. They do. He called me back to report his findings.

I called the school that Micah is attending and relayed this information. The aide can work over summer, but can't be there until next week when she's back from vacation. In the meantime, it was decided, Micah will stay home this week and let his toes recover.

Agency A called, who is in charge of the whole ESY to begin with, and asked if I could inform the van driver when she let Micah off that her services wouldn't be needed until next week. I could. And did.

It would have been so much easier to just pull him from school to begin with. I chalk it up to lack of experience. This is my first year with ESY, his aide's first year as an aide, and the home district principal's first year as a principal. We're all muddling through the best that we can, laughing at ourselves as we go.

Things are bound to get easier, right?

I could really use a Starbucks over all this, and after reading it (I'm sorry) I'll bet that you could, too. I can help! I have two (count 'em) coupons for 10% off anything that you get at Starbucks. Want one? Just leave a comment here and you'll be entered in the drawing. Winners will be announced later. I know it's all vague-like, but it's my blog and I'll be vague if I want to.


Pam said...

I'm so sorry! It does seem that the more people involved in something- the more chances to get it messed up. It seems like no one was talking to anyone else here - except you- you were talking to everyone! And, yes, of course, now it just has to get easier- now YOU know all this and can make sure it goes better in the future- because as you have learned well enough already- you are M's best advocate! What a wonderful mom you are! I hope I can just be half the mom you are!

Anonymous said...

You deserve a Starbuks after all of that. And I would love to share one with you - the frozen strawberry one. You already know I don't do coffee!

Leanne said...

Blah. Yep, it's gotta get easier. And at least you're still laughing! That's a GOOD thing.

Nap Warden said... deserve the Starbucks. If I win, I'm buying for you:)

Michelle said...

I love that you're at least all just laughing about it instead of getting upset. So now he has 7 days of school? Wheee! :)

BeautifulWreck said...

If I lived near you I would so take you to Starbucks.

Wow, sounds like a mess but its all going to work out just with diligence and patience on your part.

Burgh Baby said...

How did he burn his toes? I gotta say, that takes talent! Poor kid!

the planet of janet said...

if i were closer, i would deliver starbucks to your door. as it is, i would totally toast your efforts with a skinny vanilla latte (no foam, please!) ...

(poor little toesies!!!!!!!)

Karen Deborah said...

We need more red tape! Yes we need more government! Holy cow I would have needed a marguerita! maybe a double! My vote is to let him stay home all summer. Potty training is a big enough adventure, how is it going?
By the way, LOVE your new blog look. That photo of Riley slays me deader than a doornail.

JennyH said...

Holy smokes! That is so complicated. I haven't had Max do ESY for 2 or 3 years now. To me, at least right now, it is a big joke. Hopefully Micah gets to enjoy his week and then like ESY as well. I was conned into ESY a couple of times. They still try and talk me into it every single year.

caramama said...

What a PITA! It's never just simple, is it?

Trannyhead said...

Dude! What a hassle.

PS - I love those shoes he's got in that pic