The Fan Club

Hotels are interesting places. I am a fan, myself. I love knowing that someone else is in charge of making the bed. (Although I'm lame enough that I do it myself anyway.) I love the plush down comforters that are off-limits in our home for so many reasons. I love just sitting around relaxing with no animals or kids to care for and no responsibilities pressing on me.

That's when Sam and I are away without the kids. As mentioned, the kids don't get away too often. They have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

Josh is trying to be the big kid, cool with things, excited to be away (from school). He's pulling it off very well. He's been very good so far (it's day 2, may I remind you).

Luke is riding the wave of barely contained glee. His first time at a hotel! (At least that he remembers.) He gets off the first week of school! He gets to eat out every day! Wow, the hotel room has a kitchen in it! Look, free food in the lobby! A pool! Life is indeed good, let me tell you.

And then there's Micah. I have to sit in a car for HOW long? Yeah, a restaurant, I can fill my pants again! Look, a hotel! Is it time to go home yet? Can we pack the van now? What on earth is there to do here besides watch TV and play with the toys mom brought? Oooh, the lobby has a vaulted ceiling and my voice carries forever, how fun!

It's going to be a long week. Reality is not mocking me any longer, it's laughing.

The week wont' be without it's share of entertainment value though. This evening while at dinner the boys were debating whether they wanted the lemonade or kool-aid. I'm sooo glad that the debate was a long and involved one and gave me time to come to their rescue. They were at the wine bar.



ModernMom said...

Hotel stays are good for the soul! Someone else to take care of all those little's been too long!

Anonymous said...

I love that you make the bed - I do the same thing! I am glad the boys are enjoying themselves!

utmomof 5 said...

I don't totally make the bed, I just sort of straighten the sheets and such. I always worry what the maid will think happened there :)

Try to have fun!!

Michelle said...

Sadly, it took me reading that six times before I finally got it. I never figured out the lemonade/fruit punch thing earlier. Like I said, not the sharpest knife in the drawer!

Viv said...

The last time we stayed in a hotel as a family, my oldest got sick in bed, in his sleep, in the middle of the night...not a lot of relaxation going on that week.

down comforters said...

Sounds like you've got some great kids.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

A week at a hotel with you family? Do you get hazard pay for that???

Roger said...

My wife makes the bed, well at least makes an attempt to by pulling the covers over. Me? I help out by throwing everything off that I can. :) Okay, maybe not that bad. Actually, when travelling alone, I usually fall asleep in a chair or on top of the bed-I get severe insomnia when I am by myself, maybe I should drink more.

Hope you and the family are having a great time, especially that wine bar.