Back Home. Meh.

Thank. Goodness. I just got back from a relaxing vacation, refreshed and ready to go. The amount of work facing me is enough make me curl up into a fetal position and cry myself to a happy place.

The puppies are all alive and well, despite the loving care they were given while we were gone. Apparently there was a dispute on whether or not a nursing mom needed food or just water. For two days. It isn't like there wasn't a very detailed list of how to feed hanging right there on the refrigerator. Yowza.

The fish pond experiment was a raging success all summer. I was thrilled with my fish keeping prowess, and had plans to grow Jeffrey and Denver into brook trout size within a few years just because I was that good. Except I'm not. They went belly up last night while we slept, and Luke cried off and on all day. (The fact that he's overtired was a large contributing factor to the tears.) Now I have Fish Killers Guilt again. I'd love to get some more but I fear it's too close winter at this point to introduce poor innocent fish to the great outdoors. We'll try again next spring. I think. Hopefully Luke is over the mourning by then.

Just because we have puppies, the dogs think it's Drama Time. I get to go to the vet tomorrow for a weird injury incurred. No, it's not puppy related. But it is dog related, and am I the only one who notices that I went all summer without a vet visit, and now all of a sudden just because we have puppies the fun starts up again? I think they get jealous of each other and do things for attention. Someday I'll prove that theory, just you wait.

The adjusted First Day of School is this week. Well, for three out of four kids anyway, but I'll pretend that it's the first day for everyone when I make them pose for a picture with their new clothes and filled backpacks and freshly polished glares.

For the past two weeks, I have been pretending that I am not having a relationship with Weight Watchers and shockingly I've only gained 3 pounds. It was totally worth it, but that's easy to say on Day 1 of the diet again, when I didn't really diet but enjoyed a picnic with family and friends instead. Day 2 will probably bite. Especially since I'll be reacquainting myself with the treadmill.

Suddenly that fetal position doesn't sound like such a bad option.


BeautifulWreck said...

I am starting back on WW this week. I am going to be doing it until I have surgery. I also have to detox my body from the weeks of junk I have put into my body. Yuck.

Michelle said...

What all we get is "weird dog-related injury" and no details? C'mon, that's no fair!

Bummer on the fish. And poor mama dog. And poor three pounds. Enjoy that fetal position :)

Trisha said...

From one former fish killer to another - don't feel too guilty. I think the darn fish plan it that way just to get at you! Besides - you have been gone so it CAN'T possibly be YOUR fault, right?

Burgh Baby said...

Having just caught up on all of your vacation posts, you had way more fun with your vacation days than I did. I'm jealous. BAH!

Roger said...

Welcome back to the "real world" free of fun and sun. I'm curious as to what happened to the fish? Were they in a pond?

I'm still playing catchup from my unplanned internet vacation. Jenni had a list as long as I am tall to 'Labor' on, for the Labor Day weekend. She says that's the real meaning of Labor Day. Silly me.

Karen Deborah said...

The price we have to pay for taking a break is always WAY to high. Yep the fetal position sounds perfect, go ahead.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Everywhere I turn, I am hearing about Weight Watchers. Do you think it's a sign from God? Or is the fact that my jeans don't fit the bigger sign?

Viv said...

For the first time in 15 years my mother complimented me on my weight...not only did I eat up the praise, but the last two pints of ice cream too! Success tastes just like chocolate with a peanut butter swirl.