The Weekly Medical Status

I had an inspiration today. It doesn't happen often, so I figured that I should probably write it down. Micah needs blood work done yearly to check his thyroid and other various things. I haven't had that done yet this year. Mostly because it's not fun. It takes Sam and I and two nurses to hold him still enough for the best phlebotomist to draw blood. We've learned to ask for the best. One year the nightmare so bad that we'll never forget to request who's working even before we drive to the hospital. I won't go into detail, but let's just say that both arms were exhausted, toes were bled, and blood clotted before they were done.

So anyway - the inspiration. With Micah's ear tubes needing to be placed again, I'm thinking that surely they can draw blood while he's sedated. It would be so much easier for the tech, the parents, and the patient. Also for the people in the waiting room who have to listen to the screaming of a small child. That cant' be easy, either. I will be checking into that posthaste. I'm not sure who to check with, but I'll check regardless. I also won't take no for an answer because in my mind, it's just not an option.

Fear me. I am Micah's mom. Or something like that.


Becky has been in pain for a few days, having difficulty sleeping, and downing Advil like candy. Three points to the one who guessed that her cyst is bleeding out. The gyno appointment confirmed just that. He gave us a prescription of Vicodin for pain management, and I'm thinking that we may start selling those on the street to help finance the upcoming holidays.

Too bad I have scruples.


I read recently (okay, it was in email, but it still counts) that in addition to the regular flu-avoiding tactics of hand washing and coughing into your elbow, there are other things that can be done that a lot of people don't know about. The thing is, the flu germs are incubated in your airways for up to 2 days before they sprout into a full-blown virus. Simple things like frequent and/or hard nose blowing can dislodge germs from the nose, and gargling and/or drinking hot liquids can kill off or wash down germs from the trachea to the stomach where they can't grow, but die.

This actually explains a lot. During the winter months I tend to drink hot tea like it's a life sustaining substance. And I am a chronic nose blower. Don't even get me started on this. It annoys the heck out of me, but it's the truth. I blow my nose. It's who I am. I'm also the one in the family that usually manages to avoid getting sick while caring for everyone else who is.

And now that I've actually said that out loud, I'll probably be sick all winter. Jinx.

I'm thinking Starbucks should start touting this information. Hot liquids? Hello? Starbucks could be single handedly warding off the flu this season. They should pay me for that piece of marketing advice. In coffee. Or peppermint mochas.


Chelsie said...

Glad to hear that they prescirbed becky some vicodin for pain. I think most male doctors think that a burst cyst hurts four about an hour and then magically you feel like new again. They also think women over-exagerate how bad cramps really are. At least the waiting is over and now she won't have to wait it out and worry about possibly need surgery. You are a smart woman to think of them drawing blood while Micah is under. I'll be keeping you guys in my prayers while that is going on. Surgery is always a scary thing.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Heading off to make a pot of hot tea. Repeatedly...

Michelle said...

Yikes poor Becky! Here's hoping she feels better soon. And yay to the brain pop for Micah. Fingers crossed for you.

And the hot and snot? Makes so much sense. Although I'm still drinking my D3 to boot.

Viv said...

I don't really even like hot tea, but, that could change!

ModernMom said...

Oh I do hope Becky feels better soon.
Your idea about getting Michas blood drawn when he is already under is BRILLIANT! The kind of moment that you really must pat yourself on the back for:)

Roger said...

Since I already got the flu, I think I'm good. Right? Now was it H1N1? Jenni thought it was, I have my doubts though. Either way, it was not a pleasant few days, in fact, I think I am still having some "aftershocks." It's a feeling of not being all there... Pass the tea!

Drawing blood from Micah while he is sedated makes so much sense that the doctors will probably not want to do it. They like bruises. :)

Hope Becky feels better, and doesn't get to liking that Vicadin too much.

caramama said...

Poor Becky! I hope she gets through it quickly with a minimum of pain!

I am also a constant tea/hot chocolate drinker (in addition to my 1 cup of coffee a day) and a constant nose blower! Maybe this is part of why I don't get sick nearly as much as my husband or daughter! Thanks for passing that info on! I also think my prenatal vitamins and something about the fact that I'm nursing helps, but I don't know if that's true.

Aimee said...

Also, don't forget the salt water gargle. Those are gross but highly recommended for creating an unfavorable breeding environment for germs.

Chase it down with a cup of tea and a good visit with a tissue and you'll be invincible! :)

Karen Deborah said...

Got that same e mail, but hard nose blowing can send those bad germs right up into your sinuses, not good. A neti pot used every day can help a lot and it's very gentle it's just a matter of getting used to the idea of washing out your nose.
YES get Micah's blood drawn while he is asleep there is no reason not too!! Brilliant! Little more work is all for everybody else. You may want to offer to hand carry the specimens to the appropriate labs with the doctors order sheets. That should eliminate any objections.
Feed Micah watermelon prior to blood tests it plumps up those veins big time!!

Sorry about your sweet daughters troubles already, she is too young for this crap!!

Anonymous said...

You are a genius! I don't see any reason why they couldn't kill two birds with one stone. (When we lived in CA I worked at a clinic that would write patients a 'prescription' for their blood draws - all they had to do was take it to the hospital to get it done.) I hope Becky is feeling better soon - I am so grateful I have never had problems with cysts or the like.

And every year I say I am going to take up drinking tea or the like - or even worse, COFFEE, so that I have an excuse to go to Starbucks. I fail every year. Maybe, just maybe, keeping the flu at bay is the incentive I need! (Especially since I just got a note from preschool letting me know that Cooper was exposed to giardia.)

CC said...

I read the same thing about avoiding the flu. So I was trying to gargle with salt water last night. The problem is that I can't gargle. I ended just gagging myself and drooling salt water. So today.... I got Starbucks. ;)

Shellie said...

Neti pot people will love that one too.