We're Aware. We're Very Aware.

I still find it amazing that despite being pregnant several times before, the idea that I could have a child with a birth defect never occurred to me. Ever.

And then it did.

We now rank among those 1 in 740 families who are blessed to live with Down syndrome.

There aren't words to convey what this means.

There are smiles.

And milestones celebrated with abandon because they mean so much more because of delays and handicaps.

There is love. Unconditionally. Always.

There is happiness. Drank from sheer love of life. Daily.

There is no judging.

There is innocence.

There is joyful abandon in living.

I strive to be more like my child.

I have determined to make others aware of how wonderful life could be. I have chosen to champion for my son any time that I get the chance.

October is Down syndrome awareness month. It'll be no different than any other month for us. We're aware. And we're so very, very glad that we are.

Always Dirty


Anonymous said...

I ♥ you. Micah is one very lucky little boy - and one super cute little boy!

The Sports Mama said...

Joyful abandon in living.

Quite frankly, I think we ALL should strive to be more like Micah.

Karen said...

October is amazing for many reasons. This just gives it one more for me. Your sweet Micah always brings a smile to my day.

tiarastantrums said...

he's gorgeous! and you are wonderful

Sharon said...

Love your post Karen. You're so right, we should all learn from our little ones with extra.

Roger Miller said...

Every time I see a picture of Micah I cannot help but smile. In many ways, I wish I could be more like him as I don't always like my cynical nature.

God Bless!

Michelle said...

Love the pic of Micah!

I'm wondering if our kids have any of the same days off of school for us to get together -since I know the weekends in Oct are out :)

ds.mama said...

Gosh he is a handsome doll.

CC said...

I am aware too!!!

Michelle said...

Now that is a great post. And a great reason to celebrate. Love the picture of Micah!