And This is Tuesday

So here's the thing. The floor is not done. Are we shocked over this? Heck, no. It's par for the course.

I will say that my dad and I (yep, he's my cohort on this crime) did almost as much in one hour today as we did all afternoon yesterday. So there's something. I will also say that once Dad starts a project he doesn't like to quit until it's done. This is good if you need someone to keep you on track (yeh, I'm talking to me) but bad if you have a hundred and four other things to do and have to stop at some point to get them done. This will make you feel guilty because Dad will continue working on your living room floor all by himself with his two replaced hips, and all that up and down will wear and tear on them. Guilt and I are now good friends.

And then we ran out of underlayment for the laminate boards and the project came to a screeching halt. It could have been done in a half hour, okay maybe forty minutes, but instead here I sit with the legs of my desk chair straddling the plywood and laminate joint.

There is always tomorrow. And it will get done. Because on Thursday I have a gown to sew for Fall Formal (don't even ask how I got roped into that one, and yes, I am extremely thrilled that my daughter trusts me enough to make her a gown for the event instead of buying her one) and then on Friday I am breaking out the Christmas Crazy.

Stand by, it's going to happen.

And on a completely unrelated note (again) someone stuck spaghetti on my refrigerator. Why? And what do people without kids do for entertainment value if they don't peel sticky spaghetti off their fridge doors?


JennyH said...

Good luck getting it done!

My brother showed us up when working on our deck. He just zipped through it all so fast.

The spaghetti should have spelled someone name! That would be even more entertaining.

Have a good night.

My name is Sarah said...

well at least they didn't spell any bad words with the stringy stuff:)

BeautifulWreck said...

That made me gag.

Hope the floor gets finished soon.

Chelsie said...

That's how you test to see if it's least thats how my brothers and sister and I did it when we were kids.

Burgh Baby said...

There better be pics of this dress. Just sayin'.

Trisha said...

Good luck with the floor, the dress, and the sticky pasta!

Roger said...

I initially thought that the spaghetti was adhesive for your flooring... silly me. Glad it wasn't though.

Looking forward to some Christmas Crazy though!

caramama said...

My father and FIL are the same way. In one way, I do feel guilty. In another way, I'm so glad that I have them to continue working when I have a gazillon other things that I also have to do! But neither of them have replaced body parts (yet), so I'd probably feel more guilty if they did.

I also want to see pics of the dress when you are done!

utmomof 5 said...

Guilt and I are good friends too :) Make peace with the guilt, unfortunately I don't think it is going anywhere.

Love the spaghetti on the fridge. Where else would spaghetti go?

CC said...

Well, this mama doesn't have time to deal with spaghetti on the fridge. If it ain't covered in ants, it's gonna stay there until the weekend. Or summer break. said...

Oh come on! I am SURE you could make something out of that if it had just a wee adjustment. Then it would be... textile art on your fridge.
And my mom made my most important formal when I was a teenager. It was gorgeous! I was the belle of the ball!