But In The End, I Won

Some of the most fun times with kids are to be had in vehicles. Also some of the worst times. But we'll focus on the good because my glass is generally always half full. Except when I'm stressed, then it's definitely half empty. Maybe more so.

We were driving through town and Luke is all "you know what would be the funniest thing ever?" and "you know that new kid in school today?" and "I think a snake bed would be awesome, it would be green and coiled" and "guess what book I got at the library!"

That boy could talk the legs off a chair.

And during the flow of convo he took time to interrupt himself to yell "Punch Bug! Don't punch me back!"

Darn. And there I sat at the red light, just admiring that very same Punch Bug with it's cheery red paint job and sporty antenna on top, not even thinking that I could punch someone because things like that never occur to me.

And then I focused in on the sounds in the back seat again. They went something like this.




"Mom? Could you lean over a little?"

Yeh, right! You think I'm stupid?

"What? Josh fell for it."

Oh, to have longer arms. Or not be confined to a seat belt. The opportunity to slug one's own mother doesn't arise every day. This one was blown.


Andrea said...

Boys!! hahahaa!! I love all the questions and all the boy statements! Never a dull moment. I have this stick I carry in the car with me......it's really long and can reach the back seat.....Okay, hahaha, just kidding!! Kids make life more fun!

HalfAsstic.com said...

HAHAHA! You should have gotten out at when you arrived and immediately slugged him saying, "You should know I'm always on my game by now..."!

Chelsie said...

You should have said what my dad always told me. I was born at night, but it wasn't last night.

Michelle said...

I was wondering if this game still existing. My wee ones insist on calling them "doodles" (not that they can correctly identify them 90% of the time) and award points for spotting them. I miss the old slug bug game!

just jamie said...

My kids play this thing where every time they see a yellow car, they say "Skittles."
And that's it.
That's the entire game.
Except that when they're not in the car with me, I play the game too.
And I bet, that now? You might too.
Stupid car games.

Viv said...

I have bruises from my daughter's keen punch buggy seeing eyes. I got her today though, today I was the punch buggy queen!

caramama said...

We used to play punch buggy! My favorite was getting my dad. :-)