Walking With the Stars

As the parents of a child with a disability, you worry about a lot of things. I think the mental part of the disability is what I'm most stressed over. What will people think of him? How will he be received? Will he be prematurely judged based on appearance alone?

Any parent simply wants their child to have a fair chance at life. We're no different. I guess that's why it's so touching when someone falls in love with our boy. As his mother, I can find a kajillion reasons to love him, but for others to take the time to find even one of those reasons is wonderful. It thrills my heart.

But when Micah went to school, something weird happened.

We're walking through the grocery store, picking and choosing what we'll toss into the cart, when someone walks up and gushes about how wonderful Micah is. These encounters last a few moments to a few minutes, and each time we're so taken aback that we just stare. I'm pretty sure that our mouths are closed, but I can't guarantee anything there.

At first, I assumed that my husband knew the stalker. He assumed that I did. Turns out that neither of us did, and Micah wasn't telling. We've come to realize over the years that Micah has quite the following. Who knew. And being that Micah is kind of shy when he's randomly approached by people out of their familiar places, he won't give these people (any of them!) the time of day. A lot of times, he won't even look at them. When they're gone he's all "ook!" and "eeee!" and craning his neck to see where they went, but while they're trying desperately to engage him in conversation or even to make eye contact, he's pretty intent on studying the tips of his shoes.

Shopping with Micah is like walking with a movie star. He's definitely a celebrity, and we're simply his entourage. He refuses to give his paparazzi what they're after, but secretly eats it up. And we, his parents, are clueless and underpaid.

Parenting a special needs child entails a whole lot more than we ever imagined.


CC said...

Awww! I love it. I saw one of my former students (with DS) playing ball in the park with his dad a few weeks ago. I almost pulled over just to take some pictures of him and share them with my co-workers the next day. We just all love him so much and miss him now that's he's moved onto middle school.

HalfAsstic.com said...

You are SO blessed! But, then again, so is Micah.
Not to mention he's a snazzy dresser! ;-)

Flea said...

Looks like your star raided his sister's closet. :) I'd totally gush too.

designHER Momma said...

that's so awesome! What a reward.

Andrea said...

he really is a super sweet kid and I am sure it's hard not to stop and say how wonderful he is!! At least your star is a super great dresser!! Totally with the times!! Love it!

mommaof4wife2r said...

and you have to love the kids sense of style too!

JennyH said...

I know exactly what you mean! Max is one famous little guy. It has kinda died down somewhat within the last year but it used to be every time we went a store Max was greeted by someone who knew him. Not such a bad thing when he would run off!!

Micah is so stylin'.... how could he not be famous??

BeautifulWreck said...

this made me smile! How awesome!

Michelle said...

I know what you mean! When Kayla started preschool back when we lived on Holloman AFB, after that it seemed anywhere we went on base some adult knew her by name. I would say something like, 'oh you know her from?" or " you know her how?" because I would be so taken aback and only knew of her teachers and therapists LOL

It's like this around town here too - every where we go it seems at least one kid that we pass says "I know her! she goes to my school!" LOL I actually have a post on this sitting in my drafts :)