Say Hello

Because Walmart is really the only place in town to shop, everyone goes there. This directly translates into the fact that you run into people you know on every shopping adventure. Sometimes they're people you stand and chat with, and other times it's just a quick and friendly hello as you're passing in the aisles.

We almost always run into someone who Micah knows. He's not so good at introducing them to us, and a lot of times they don't introduce themselves. We're just to guess as to how they know our little celebrity. Each time, we just stand back and smile, watching our boy make his way in the world.

Tonight we were at McD (inside Walmart) and just as we were leaving, Micah ran into someone that he knew. Someone that means so very much to him. Someone that reciprocates that love just as strongly. The sheer joy on Micah's face at meeting his girlfriend outside of school was wonderful to behold. And what was just as wonderful was seeing his best girl introduce her mother and grandfather, and insisting that her grandfather shake hands with Micah's daddy.

We all got it. We all know that what these kids of ours ask us to do, we do it without question because their little world be turned upside down otherwise. We comply to their standards and requests, and marvel at their understanding of the social graces in grade school. We beam with pride and nod knowingly to people that we've never met before.

And we come home and feel like an idiot for being so amazed that our children are simply acting like the people around them do. Why do we continue to underestimate them?

Micah, please forgive me for holding you back. I never mean to. Please continue to amaze us.


(Keri) Auburn Gal Always said...

Thank you for this and every other post that makes me smile and cry.

Karen Deborah said...

awhhh they can prove over and over again that communication is not dependent on being verbal.
Just awesome.