Wii or We? Gah, the Choices!

We are not a technical family, the Rocking Pony one. We love to watch VCR tapes, we have a used PS2 that our son saved to buy for himself, and our teen daughter just got a cell phone at Christmas.

But I came to the realization this week - you know, after the Christmas holiday came and went - that we, as a family, may benefit from a Wii Fit. I mean, how fun would it be to bowl or play tennis or whatever else it is that you can do with a Wii (I wouldn't know, we don't have one) with the kids? And we'd get fit doing it! So with that goal in mind, I have listed on Ebay everything that we don't need. Everything. I cleaned closets to find things that we don't need, in order to raise money for a Wii and a Wii Fit Board. It's for the family's togetherness.

But one has to get in shape to use a Wii Fit because I hear tell that it is the Smack Talk Queen. (It's a girl, because I'm one.) I have been spending a lot of time in the basement on the exercise equipment. (I know, grumble-grumble indeed.) And because I spend time there, the kids follow. While I'm working up a stink, the kids are working on their instrumental skills. I work out to the beat of the drum and the strumming of the guitar.

When the kids tire of serenading their mother, they turn to basketball. Investing in those hoops was genius of us. As was the air hockey purchase. I don't get the full workout that I should sometimes because I am compelled to play hockey with the kids. There's nothing like air hockey with 5 pucks at once to get some action going. And giggles. Boy-howdy the giggles. And when the exercise time is over, I realize that we all got a workout. And we all had fun. And although we have a TV in the basement, it's rarely turned on.

And then I realized, after selling half of everything that we own, that we don't need a Wii Fit. We are becoming fit as a family, playing together and being active.

You know what I think we'll be doing this week? Flooding the patio and making an ice hockey rink. We'll use our well earned money for helmets and hockey sticks. I think, looking back years from now, that the kids will remember the fun we had as a family and be glad for it. I mean, what kind of special memories are made with a joystick in your hand?


jayna said...

That's a wonderful realization. We haven't had a gaming console in our house since the husband's dorm room in college and never will, if I have my way. I'm so glad that they are evolving into more than sitting on your butt and playing Mario (or whatever it is that they do these days ;-), but one can only do so much hooked to a TV.

I'm jealous of the idea of an ice rink in your backyard!

Trisha said...

While I am a Wii Fit advocate - it certainly sounds like your family has its own "fit" routine. I say, go for it!

Roger Miller said...

Having a Wii Fit is great for days when you don't want to go outside because it's so freaking cold out... Now, if I could flood out and area in my backyard and make an ice rink, that would be cool.

I personally, enjoy playing on the Wii and think that Wii Fit is a good way to get some exercise - even with the smack talking computer voice that says I am about ten sizes too big, or whatever it says. However, I am a bigger fan of getting the kids out of the house and playing, plus there isn't any computer telling you that you're fat. :)

Cecily R said...

I say you do what works and it sounds like you know what that is. Kudos to you!

You have to be the bravest and most AWESOME mom ever to do the hockey rink. If you were here I'd bow to your greatness.

Molly said...

Trust me. If you want a wii fit you can call me up and I will hide in your shower. tHen you'll step on the scale and I'll go "ohhhh, that's overweight!" in a really condescending robot voice that sounds like a mouse on helium. (the hiding in the shower thing sounds creepy but it's not)
Thats what having a wii fit is like. And then to kick you while you're down the little avatar thing gets fat like I am!

Although you are probably skinnier than me, so maybe you're safe from mean mickey mouse voice.

Kimberly Wright said...

We do not have the Wii Fit yet, but we do have a Wii and we all love it and have a great time playing it. The Wii Sports is fun and even my four year old likes to play. We have several games and its just a lot of fun.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I LOVE my wii fit! The balance board is great for stacking things on, and the game case keeps all of the kids Wii cases from getting lonely. I though about adding the new elastic bands and a leg strap but I already have tie-backs for my curtains.

Michelle said...

Oh I love it I love it I love it! We have no gaming systems here, and the tv is rarely on when the wee ones are awake (football and periodic Saturday night Movie Night With Mommy being the exception). Then again, we don't have basketball hoops or air hockey in our basement. Hmmm.... Yet.

Anonymous said...

My Mom keeps talking about how much fun she thinks Cooper would have with a Wii, and I keep reminder her of all the fun he would have doing those actual activities (ie., bowling.) We too do not own a video game console and I hope that that remains the case (though the kids each have a Leapster that was gifted from my parents and that they are allowed to play with on a very limited basis.) I love that your kids don't need virtual stimulation and are thrilled to engage themselves with what they have - and I love that you are right there with them!

(And I haven't yet ventured onto eBay, but I just sold a handful of things on Craigslist - Momma has a new addiction!)