The Beginnings of a Blogger

I am not a fan of sports. Sam watches sporting events any chance that he gets. I learned early on in the marriage that he is in control of the television, and when sports are on I may as well be the maid for all the more I exist around here.

So there was that time I rented a movie over the weekend. It was due back Tuesday and we hadn't watched it yet. I (rather stupidly) asked Sam if we could watch it on Monday night so that we could get our money's worth out of it before I had to take it back the next day. The look he gave me was clearly one that said I'd lost what little sanity I'd been harboring. And then he had the nerve to stand there and actually verbalize "Football is on."

Okay, I know all you die-hard fans out there are clearly on his side. But try for one moment to see my side of this. Every Monday he watches football. Every. Single. Monday. Plus most Sundays as well. And the other days of the week he is clearly in control of the remote, sometimes allowing me to catch glimpses of shows that I like between the commercial breaks of the shows that he chooses. The TV clearly belongs to him and I am just along for the ride. Also, I don't think it's unreasonable to watch what I want on television once in a while.

But apparently he does, and there's nothing like having him confirm that he loves sports more than he loves me.

I did what any normal grown up would do. I stomped off to my sewing room and took out my frustrations in my work.

About 30 minutes later Sam came in and said, "I'm working the overnight and need to get a nap before I go in to work. You can watch what you want on TV now."

I don't know about you, but to me, that came across less as "I'm sorry. You have a right to watch television, too" and more as "hurry and watch what you want while I have something else to do." Nothing like digging the hole deeper there, dear.

And that was the beginning of my blogging career. I turned to the internet and swore off television. While Sam was channel surfing and watching sports, I was making new friends and expanding my small horizons.

*Disclaimer - this was 2 years ago. We have inadvertently scheduled music lessons for 3 kids on Monday night and Sam is in charge of schlepping them to and from. Monday night football is not a regularity in our house anymore. And also, my dear and loving husband has learned from this whole event that sharing the television isn't the beginning of the end.

So what was the beginning of your blogging career? Did anything or anyone inspire you?


JennyH said...

That's funny. Luckily, my hubby is not into sports.

DVR's are the best!! We can watch our shows whenever we want and on any TV we want.

PS- I looked at your Flicker photos yesterday (well some of them) and I skipped to when Micah was 3 years old. What a cutie he was. So little. He's still a cutie BTW!

Carol N. said...

Hilarious and so true.

The Olympics are here, and all the expense and effort that goes into it made me wonder why we privilege sports over everything else (including education funding, it seems! Aarghh, I'd better not get started.) Still though, when was the last time that sort of effort was made to show off our nations poets? Our top surgeons? Our greatest Kindergarten teachers? Our Scrabble champions?

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

Well I suppose we all owe Sam and his obsession a big thank you for setting you off in the direction of blogging from bitterness. Our gain!

I started blogging out of a need to actually complete something everyday and I knew it would never be the laundry.

mommaof4wife2r said...

that's really funny...i started blogging bc sofia was in the NICU and we wanted to let everyone know how it was going...then i got totally in over my head...and here i am. smiles

Shellie said...

Hee hee! I fell into this out of curiosity- two people I know sent me emails that they had a blog and I wondered how you got one, searched and before I knew it I was signed up and had to stick something on the dang thing, so I figured it beat writing the book my family always bugs me to write, and started telling about the insanity on the blog.

Karen Deborah said...

Humm I was going to suggest you buy your own TV but your solution was much better.
Yes, Coffee Bean over at the The Righteous Buzz inspired me. Which was also two years ago and I still only have a few followers! hey!
CB is someone I knew from real life.
I didn't even know what a BLOG was!! When I read hers--actually her old one that she deleted I died laughing and was totally sold. I had been writing occasionally for a local christian monthly magazine. The editor wanted me to write a column and the name of it was going to be Fresh Fixins. I asked her if I could have the name for my blog and the rest is history.
I am a total blog junky. said...

Well, I would have to say loneliness. I am bored out of my mind here all day taking care of the house and Henrietta and needed an outlet since I can't actually get out.
I am, however, in complete control of the remote... So who knows what it would have been if things were otherwise. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yet another blogger who can 'blame' her husband for her blogging pasttime! (I happen to be in the same category.) I got into blogging for the commeraderie (how far off am I on spelling that right?!), and have been blown away by the love, encouragement, support, etc. that it has brought. Thank you for being a HUGE part of that!

Michelle said...

Dawn at Because I Said So inspired me. It was the "I could do this" and "I want to remember this" that got me. It took me a good four months at least before I really did it, but ... I finally did!

Michelle said...

And umm, sorry but hello - MNF? You can't watch a movie over that. Unless it's the Raiders v the Seahawks or something. But I doubt that matchup has ever been on.

imbeingheldhostage said...

What a great story! I didn't know that's how your blogging came about. Mine was because I did a search on google something about hating my life and my kids were going to drive me insane while my husband was in Iraq (yes, I did) and found a blog. I liked what she wrote so much and it did two things: 1, made me know I wasn't alone and 2, had me believing I could write a blog too. So I did.
My husband probably regrets leaving me alone that first year we were in England.

It's taken me a while to realize that is a ball (I get it, goes really well with the post!)and not a lady bug. I think I need to have my eyes re-checked.

Tanya said...

I started blogging in class. Literally, I was taking a New Media or web design or something to that effect and we were talking about blogs. Being the studious student that I was (not) I had my laptop and decided to start one. A few weeks later the teacher asked if anyone had a blog and we had to make one for an assignement. 98% of the people in that class wrote only a few times, before stopping, but I have managed to keep mine going for the last 5 years. Wow that's along time.

Tami said...

I began blogging to announce our adoption...and still only blog about our adoption, and Reece's Rainbow.

Roger said...

I really have no idea why I started, stopped, restarted, stopped once again, and finally started and stayed with blogging other than it's an outlet for the voices.

You know, the voices in my head? Maybe you have a similar situation and voices? No? Maybe?

Actually, I love the art of the written word, and someday hope to be able to use it well enough to retire to that island paradise with all the bugs and diseases and dysentary.

Or maybe just stay at Disney World year round. Decisions decisions. :)

Please thank Sam for allowing you to share your wonderful voice with us all. I appreciate it and enjoy reading you.

The Sports Mama said...

I'm extremely curious what made you think of this....

I started because a girl I worked with had one. And she wrote something very not nice about me. So, in my infinite maturity, I thought to start one and show her how to do it without being a snotty twit.

I'm not sure that's worked, however. For one, I'm more of a snotty twit that I ever realized; and two, she has never--not once--read my blog.

Might be the whole anonymity thing I've got going? :)