The kids were out at noon on Friday, and today was a snow day, which means that all told, we've had four good days of family togetherness. It was fun. We played board games and shoveled snow and watched movies and ate junk. The fun lasted right up until about 5 PM on the fourth day, and then mommy lost her shiz. Without mood enhancing drugs, I can only take so much mess making and arguing and all together sibling rivalry before I have to declare that this mommy has had enough and all bets are off on whether or not anyone gets to live to see another day.

Okay, things weren't that bad, but you get the picture.

So in the midst of my meltdown, the phone rang. Luke answered, but nobody was on the other end so he hung up. It promptly rang back the minute he clicked off, and I picked it up.


Heavy breathing and giggling were heard, but no words were spoken.


More giggles and twittering, and a voice that demanded to know, "Who is this?"

"This is Karen. Who is THIS?" I asked in my sternest I'm The Adult voice.

Reluctantly, a voice said, "It's Beth and Vicki."* And that was followed by more heavy breathing and snorting.

Can I help you with something? I demanded.

After a very long pause, the answer was, "Uh, yeh. Is Josh there?"

"No, he's not. Can I take a message for him?" Think school librarian PMSing. You've about got the tone right.

"Uhhhhh, Beth?" (pause) "Uhhhhhh, no."

"Ok, thank you." And then I hung up.

I probably just squashed my son's love life. But dude, if you're not going to be civil to the boy's mother, your future is toast. How hard is it, really, to be respectful of adults?

*Girls names changed to protect the stupid.


Annette said...

If the local schools have a two hour delay tomorrow...Meghan won't have school. That will mean with the snow coming...I can anticipate NO school all week long...with Derek gone all week. Yes, I am whining, but know you can appreciate it. :)

utmomof 5 said...

Don't you just love family togetherness? Glad yours turns out about as well as it does at my house.

My kids have both Friday and Monday off. I will let you know how many survived on Tuesday morning.

HalfAsstic.com said...

Oh, uh, HELL-O! Little nit-wits. It really is amazing what some kids pass for manners now days. ;-) b

Flea said...

Oh amen and amen! Girls have called here before asking who I am and I don't tell them. I come right back with "Who are YOU?" Disrespectful snots.

Roger said...

I imagine that you can hardly wait for the boys to start honking their horns from the driveway, while waiting to pick up Becky.