On The Toddler's Bucket List

Things to do in the middle of the night when there's a full moon and your mom would far rather be sleeping than trying to get you go to back to bed.

1. Kick mommy out of bed so that you can take over her pillow.

2. Follow mommy downstairs to continue hassling her.

3. Play with Hot Wheels cars across the hardwood until mommy threatens to not let you live to see daylight in a few hours. For the record, this took one car.

4. Find Woody.

5. Attempt to put a movie in. Mommy reminds you of that threat.

6. Insist on sitting on mommy's lap to sleep.

7. Get off mommy's lap and insist that you be covered with the blanket on the back of the couch. NOW.

8. Kick mommy anywhere you can make contact with her.

9. Lock yourself in your sister's room, making your mom have to knock for admittance (in case of vomiting due to a certain someone being up unexplainedly in the wee smalls) and wake your sister.

10. Investigate the light in the laundry room that mom left on for your brother's sake, who is also up for no reason and may or may not be sick (in his own words).

11. Request a diaper change for a diaper that's neither dirty nor on the verge of leaking.

12. Finally crash at 3 AM after being up for 3 hours.

I'm just hoping that he didn't find any one of these things so fun that he wants to repeat them at 2 AM, because tonight I'm crashing early and probably won't be coherent enough to hear him get up.


Michelle said...

I'm going for the full moon effect. PLEASE be the full moon and thus done, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Ouch. As much as I love spring, I loathe this time of the year because it seems to put the kids so out of whack! Sun then rain then snow then sun again, the later sunset, and the chaos of falling into a routine that includes more outdoor play and the like all seem to combine to create little non-sleeping monsters!

Flea said...

I was going to ask when on earth (and why) you went out and got yourself a toddler, but this certainly reads like toddler behavior.

Trisha said...

Sorry about the sleepless night!

HalfAsstic.com said...

Bless your heart! Were you able to get him up and keep him up this morning?

Karen Deborah said...

definitely wasn't his day or night either. hope ya'll have recovered.

5 Kids With Disabilities said...

The toddler's bucket list definitely does not include sleeping!!!
Lindsey Petersen

caramama said...

SOOOOO much sympathy! I hate nights like that! Hopefully, it was just the moon and isn't repeating.