So tonight in church we were learning about kids respecting their elders, and how it was relevant at the age of 3 or 9 or even 15. And I instantly started doing math, thinking, "wow, a 15 year old. If I'm 39, and had a 15 year old, I would have only been 24 when I had the child. Huh. Twenty-four isn't all that young. Wait - I HAD a child when I was 24! MY DAUGHTER IS 15 YEARS OLD. Good lands, that suddenly hit home, didn't it?"

And then I realized that I'm way older than I think of myself being. And slapped myself mentally.

Then, later on in the lesson, they were saying about how kids should have respect enough to not interrupt their elders in a conversation. They were giving scenarios on how to teach this, and they were good ones. They were also smart enough to say that every rule needs to be broken, and an emergency would constitute that. The story given that a kid came to his mom, waited a few minutes until she was free to talk, and then calmly said, "there's a fire in the back yard." (True story.) The class facilitator's eyebrows shot up, his eyes bugged out, and I clearly read his thoughts as saying, "Holy Pete! A fire in the yard!"

And then I realized that I wasn't shocked at all, but instead thought, "Huh, I wonder which one of my kids would be responsible for that?" I think that's a sign that I'm a seasoned mother of boys.

It really is amazing the things that one learns at church.


utmomof 5 said...

Umm, I had a baby at 20. And I still think I am 20, even though he is 14. Funny how that works.

Today at church I made a girl cry while telling the story of Abraham and Issac. I had to stop in the middle and tell her it turned out okay in the end. Can't wait to hear what she tells her parents when they ask what she learned at church today.

Suburban Correspondent said...

My friend's boys started a fire in the yard with a magnifying glass and burned the house down. I wouldn't have been surprised by that example either.

Michelle said...

Yeah... I totally get that. I am NOT as old as my driver's license says I am. So there.

Love the welcoming of spring in the picture :)

Becoming Mommy said...

Haha! That sounds like a story from when I was growing up. Only it was my sister and a grease fire that burnt up the drapes and a couple of cabinets.
Whe waited for my mom to get off the phone and then, "um, what would you do if there was a fire. Oh, an extinguisher? Hmm. And where might I find that. You know....should I need it..."
And so on, till my Mother realized this wasn't just curiosity.

Roger said...

I am nowhere near as old as some arbitrary calendar says I am. So there.

I too, have a fifteen-year old, who will be sixteen in October, so I can feel your "pain." Then I remember that I also have a nineteen-year old, and it doesn't feel as good. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I as am old as I actually am by any stretch of the imagination! (Though my ever-slowing metabolism would disagree.)

Looks like Micah has declared the 'pool' open for the season! How much steam was rolling off of his body after the first dip?! said...

"Huh, I wonder which one of my kids would be responsible for that?"

Karen Deborah said...

I think Micah has a good case of spring fever already, the boy wants summer to come. He is maturing he is wearing pants!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Awesome post Karen. I actually am feeling a little bad for my Mom now. I was the fire starter AND I interrupted.

Look at your boy!! When did he get so tall?

Flea said...

Well dang. I'd have been thinking the same thing. And wondering if they had it contained. Was it a planned fire or not? Who gave them permission? Seriously? A fire?