I Am An Incurable Pollyanna

For the dog that figures a way out of it's kennel in a thunderstorm to come inside the house and shake off just because I mopped the floor, there is a kid that belly laughs at stupid jokes. Or nothing at all.

For the ear tube that comes out after four months, when it was supposed to stay in place for several years, there is a nature trail just waiting to be hiked. With an awesome waterfall at the end of it.

For the speech therapist that messes up Micah's Voice in ways unimaginable and reverts things right back to factory originals despite the customization that we've done to it over the course of a year, there is a God-sent representative at Prentke-Romich and a technologically inclined husband that can fix it in 30 minutes over the phone.

For the night that you rub cleanser into your face instead of moisturizer, then go to bed and wear it all the next day before realizing what you've done, there is a bluebird the color of nothing you've seen before making a nest in the box your son made in the back yard.

For the pregnant dog that needs rushed to the vet because she's on the verge of collapse with low blood sugar and anemia that was heretofore nonexistent, there is a pond and waterfall in the back yard that is coming along beautifully. And Starbucks peppermint mochas.

For the two week old computer that has a fit of insolent stubbornness and won't turn off or reboot or do anything other than beep for hours on end until the battery dies, there is a whole lot of Easter chocolate in the pantry.

For the refrigerator that is just three months old and needs the cooling fan replaced, there is springtime.

This week I'm grateful for sunshine, for warranties on new products, for puppies going to new homes that pay for unexpected vet bills, for state parks located in my back yard, and for kids that are healthy despite medical inconveniences.

That right there is the best therapy ever. It makes my soul sigh in restful quiet just looking at it.


Anonymous said...

Pollyanna or not, I truly admire your ability to find the upside to all of the crap that life throws your way - especially this week! That waterfall is BEAUTIFUL! I think if you and I were to go for a walk, I might not make it back - I'll be sitting, watching.

Viv said...

I am in awe, the waterfall is amazing.

Your day however, was very crappy.

I am glad the new mother and her puppies will be okay.

(p.s. I bought green peeps)

Flea said...

It's beautiful. Great job making that waterfall. :)

Sarah said...

The waterfall pictured restored my faith in my family's ability to take a peaceful, relaxing vacation. I agree - it's good therapy.

stripeycat said...

Sounds just about right ! Loving your attitude.

caramama said...

Good for you, focusing on the positives! It will all work out, but until it does, enjoy the waterfall, sunshine and your family. :-)

Mrs. Ohtobe said...

Another excellent post!

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

Beautiful. All of it.