It's Picture Day!

I write things like school portraits on my calendar. I can't forget things like this because I would be the one to send kids to school on picture day in a tie dye tee that's two sizes too big, unwashed hair, and a crusty nose. Yes, I have days like that, and if you don't you're either fibbing or don't have enough kids.

So tomorrow is Micah's picture day. I know this. I am contemplating what outfit I'll dress him in because things like that matter. I'm aware. I'm on top of things. I'm organized.

His school sent a note home last week reminding me that picture day is coming. They also sent a note home today telling me that picture day is tomorrow. I know I've sometimes forgotten things in the past, so I guess they're just trying to keep me in the know. But really, I do dress the boy in presentable clothes 99.9% of the time so I'm not sure what they're worried about. All those notes are a tad excessive, no?

And then it dawned on me. The boy is in dire need of a haircut. Dire. As in diiiiii-uuuuuuurrrr. We've managed to keep his bangs trim so that he can mostly see out of the massive forelock hanging over his brows, but the rest of it is way out of control. He has a mullet ready to party like it's 1989. The mopsy top is a hot mess no matter if it's freshly washed, in need of a washing, brushed or wind blown. The boy looks ragged 24/7 and it's not so endearing as it could be.

This all occurred to me tonight at 9 PM, when it's too late to get into a hair salon anywhere, and the boy is in bed. I am now the parent that sends the well dressed child to school on picture day, despite several notes sent home to remind me, with a hot mess of mullety forelock growing on his head. His pictures will be awesome, provided you can find him under the Cousin It thing he has going on.


Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

I guess sending him with one of Becky's headbands on is out of the question. :-)

I think he's cute just as he is. said...

Maybe a "fountain top" ponytail on top of his head?
Maybe not.;-)
He'll rock the whole picture thing anyway. Don't sweat it!

Flea said...

Cousin Itt rocks. Psh. Micah rocks.

Viv said...

Karen, I love that it isn't only me. Love, love, LOVE it!!!

He'll be the most handsome Cousin It there. ;)

Trisha said...

No matter how much you prepare for these picture days, something will always be a bit . . ."off." Just enjoy the results and you will always remember his mullet hair!

Cecily R said...

Uhhhhh, he would get along just FINE with Isaac and all of floppy haired his buddies. They'd love him. :)

Michelle said...

I thought the long messy look was in for boys? No?

What's up with spring pictures though? Don't they do this in the fall?