Walking To The Bus

For two years of preschool, and two years of big-boy school, a special van has come to the door to pick Micah up. It's my responsibility to walk him out and strap him into his carseat. At the end of the day, I reverse the procedure.  For those same four years, I've fought Micah tooth and nail to get him to willingly get on the bus each morning.

Micah considers himself in training for the workforce, and has decided to take seriously the whole "I hate going to work" part. The boy hides his clothes so that I can't dress him, he'll undress himself, he'll melt into a puddle of uncooperative boyness when I ask him to get his shoes on. And then he'll insist that I carry him, his bookbag, and anything else that needs to go to school with him that day out to the van. Winter is especially fun because MY WORD, MY ROYAL FEET CAN'T TOUCH SNOW. This is interesting when I have stuffed my slipper-clad feet into crocs and am navigating slushy, icy steps. It's made even more fun by the fact that Micah feels unsure of his escort's footing, so wraps his arms around my head for security, blocking my sight.

His van driver gets no end of amusement from that boy.

On days that he's being uber cooperative in the Let's Go To School department, I still have to walk him out and strap him into the van, but at least he walks on his own two feet and isn't grumbling.

So last week the boy decided that he'd go to school all by himself, thankyouverymuch. He slung his backpack over his shoulder, opened the door, stepped outside, blew me a kiss, and closed the door in my face. (Don't get all "awwww" over the kiss. That's his distinct way of saying, "you stay here, I'm going alone.") And away he went to the van without mama. I still needed to strap him in, so I waited until I heard him go down the steps, then followed him outside. The van driver was laughing.

The next day was a repeat performance, which was rather shocking, because his spurts of cooperation are usually short lived. And that day when I opened the door to follow him he turned around, waggled his little pointer finger at me, yelled for me to get back into the house, blew me a kiss, and turned his back on me. The van driver was out of the van, had his door opened, and was laughing heartily. The third day I simply waved from the door, yelled a thanks to the driver, and blew a kiss to my all grown up boy.

I was feeling rather sad-ish that my baby is getting so independent, when the possiblities of my situation opened up to me. I may not have to get dressed in the mornings. I could wear my bathrobe as I peeked my head through a crack in the door. I wouldn't really even have to brush my hair on the worst of days if I just wanted to throw an arm out and wave with a good hearty yell behind it. Gosh, the depths I could fall to in the lazy housewife department would be astounding.

This morning Micah walked to the bus all by himself, insisting that he hold my hand the whole way. He's lucky that he's not big in the hand holding department, because that sweetness of his hand in mine was a balm to my lazy housewife soul.

That boy knows how to manipulate.

Why yes, the boy did get a haircut. He's looking rather rakish, no?


Carol N. said...

Great haircut, Micah! (I loved it before too though.)

Michelle said...

Hee hee... I love the finger waggling and other messages he's sending you. He is a love, that boy!

No post on the haircut?

Viv said...

He is so darn cute! I love the short hair, but, it makes him look older.

Mary said...

Love it! Everytime I get fustrated with Riley working me over like the conartist he is I have to remind myself that he is SOOO smart to beable to con people. He'll be able to work the system and get his needs met:-)

Trisha said...

Seeing Micah grow up in the bloggy world is so much fun. He is a real treasure. That haircut is great!

JennyH said...

Ok, I have read many blogs lately. It's too nice to be inside the house so much right now.

Your blog always cracks me up. You never have a dull moment at your house, I'm sure of it.

I'm surprised Micah's T tubes have fallen out already. That was fast!

The peeps post was super funny.

Love the new do for Micah-- although I liked it before to. He is so cute.

Roger said...

Lovin the new haircut!

I am also loving the fact that Micah is getting independent when it comes to his morning routine, I imagine that there is a little tug at your heart, but it's great to read about him doing so well.

Michelle said...

he's so handsome! how can you resist that face? :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

I love that little face! You really cracked me up with your visions of grandeur--bathrobe and disheveled hair. :-)

Flea said...

He's looking rather rakish, yes. :) I'm almost jealous of you and your fourth child. I mean, if I weren't in the midst of the throes of teenage angst and grades, I'd be jealous.

Karen Deborah said...

He is gorgeous although i do love his hair long, and usually I like boy's hair short. He has such pretty hair! Those eyes kill me. You know the day you were in your nightie and had bad hair is the day he'd decide for you to carry him again and the driver would really have a laugh. This boy is so cute, he tickles me.