A Bigfoot Sighting!

Luke is a fun kid. I love that it doesn't take much to make him happy. If you tell him I Love You, you've just made his day. If you get him a stone, it's like giving him gold. (No, seriously. He has a stone collection. We went to the Grand Canyon the other year and his very favoritest souvenir ever was a stone. I'm sure I don't know where he gets that unhealthy love of rocks. Ahem.) But the boy is just a great kid to have around.

So we're driving in the car the other day and he's talking a mile a minute, as usual. I've had experience in the adolescent girl department and have learned to tune out 63% of all words spoken. Things like conjunctions, prepositions and even adverbs and adjectives do not need to be heard to know what's going on. If I listened to every single word spoken by my daughter or the Drama King, my ears would bleed. (My condolences to families with many girls.)

Just as I was tuning back in to the conversation, I hear Luke exclaim, "Hey! I've got hair on my toes!" The excitement in his voice was akin to winning a cool 22 million in the lottery. I have already discovered that boys love hair in places that women would rather not have it grow. I find this weird, but then again I'm not a guy. I guess armpit hair is all the rage if you're a tween boy without it. But toe hair? Who knew?

And apparently it wasn't enough to just have toe hair. He needed us all to know that he excels in the hair growing department. "I have the hairiest arms in my class, too" he beamed with pride.

Boys are really, really strange.


Flea said...

Oooooh yeah. Toes, pits, chest. Then the peach fuzz over the lip. It's a contest and it's cool. Unless you're Oatmeal Head, the furry monster. Then it's like being the only girl in 4th grade who developed overnight.

Burgh Baby said...

Yes, yes they are. It's a wonder we're attracted to them and their hair-loving ways.

Unknown said...

My two boys are in a competition to see who has more armpit hair by the end of school.

Boys are weird

Teresa Dawn said...

My brother did the rock thing... Everytime my mum washed his clothes she'd find rocks in his pockets, or when I cleaned his room there would be rocks everywhere. He never had a set place for them... he just kept them.

Then last week after my brother got home from his first year at university, my mum decided to help him out and do all his laundry for him. She called me and asked "Guess what I just found?"

Yep that's right, a rock in his pocket.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

I hear ya. I once told my 5yo that he had a hairy back. He now tells EVERYONE about how his back is hairy like his Dad's. LOVELY.

HalfAsstic.com said...

BWAHAHAHA! Oh, but isn't it funny how easy it is to make him happy? The next time he is having a bad day or is unhappy about something, you can pick up his day by saying, "Yeah, but remember... YOU HAVE HAIR ON YOUR TOES!"
I bet he'll smile ear to ear.

SunflowerStories said...

LOL! My sisters sons are 14 and 12 and they share all kinds of tmi puperty info with me. It's nice to have the heads up before my kids get there.