His Time In the Spotlight

The end-of-the-year first grade program.

We've sat through our fair share of them. Some are cute, some are funny, some are even good. This one was our last. Our baby's own debut.

Just before the curtain opened, the kids on stage started singing an introductory song. And even before we saw any kids, we heard our boy sing. We were sitting in the clear last row of the large auditorium, and heard Micah over six classes of students. That boy might not have the best singing skills, but he's got a good set of lungs.

The program consisted of a dozen kids taking turns at making a cutesy rhyming speech, followed by a song. Each kid had a chance at the microphone with his or her own line to say by the time the night was done. The very last line was reserved for Micah. According to the program, he was to bid the audience Good-Bye.

Two little girls held his hand and led him to the microphone. The boy has been eyeballing the mikes at the church forever and has just been itching to get his little mitts on one. He was not going to blow this opportunity. Eagerly, he stepped up the the microphone stand, lined himself up with it just right, and said in his great big loud outdoor voice, "WOA WOA."

You know that moment when a kid steps up to the mike and the audience hushes in anticipation of what will be said? The complete opposite happened. By the time Micah meandered his way to the front of the stage, people were already twittering about how cute the program was, and reaching for their jackets and bags, and making plans to meet for ice cream afterwards. When our boy wowed everyone with his completely unconventional parting words, a hush fell over the audience that was reminiscent of shock. Nobody clapped. Nobody oohed and aahed. Nobody knew what to do.

Except for us, of course. We popped a few buttons right off our shirts.


Carol N. said...

Awesome. Gotta love microphones!

Michelle said...

And now that he's had his turn at a microphone, will you ever get him away? ;)

We've got our graduation program in two weeks, and apparently the children saying various lines is a standard thing. Whee.

Flea said...

Too funny! He's destined for greatness, that one.

My Two Army Brats said...

I love it!! I about flipped and hooted and hollared with pride when my sons teacher managed (I have no idea how) to get him to stand in front of the class to read a haiku he wrote about his weighted puppy! These kids are amazing!

Roger said...

That is so awesome!! Yay Micah!! Congratulations to him and to you for raising a brave young man. Now onto some summer fun. :-)

(Keri) Auburn Gal Always said...

This was so sweet! I could see it all happening in my mind's eye. I could hear his outside voice. If I weren't wearing last year's softball all-stars t-shirt, I'd be popping buttons off too.