Battery Operated

The genius who invented battery-operated toys has been cursed a  thousand times over by parents everywhere. We learned early on with our very first child that batteries die. As in, "Oh, I'm so sorry, honey. The batteries are dead." Replacing batteries is a ridiculous idea that crazy people invented.

So all the toys that we have on hand are either the battery-less type, or the battery-is-dead type, and Micah was raised in a family that has no battery operated toys.  Or at least any working battery operated toys. And this was the way it was right up until this past weekend.

This past weekend, Sam fixed a toy.

It was harmless enough to start. Just unscrew the battery box lid, replace batteries, and ta-da! Batteries! Fixed!

Micah was thrilled with his new working toy. It ran all by itself! Oh, how he played and played with it. And then, as that toy bumped into another toy, he realized that Another Toy had a few screws that could be removed. So he fetched a screwdriver and batteries for daddy to make Another Toy work, too.

Two working toys! Oh, the bliss! And there are more toys with screws to be removed!

We are now living in a noisy world. One where toy guitars play, and trucks run all by themselves, and Buzz talks.

We have now come full circle.


Anonymous said...

maybe seeing Buzz talk will motivate Micah to try to talk more too?

caramama said...


I think I'm the only one who generally likes it when the batteries are not dead. The toys are so much more entertaining to my kids when they make noises and do things! And entertained kids means I am not constantly required to be the entertainment.

JennyH said...

Yeah, toys are battery eaters!! I buy AA batteries in bulk off Ebay. Yes, we really use that many batteries.

Now R/C cars-- I curse those all the freakin time. I can replace the batteries and the kids use it one time (for like 5 minutes) and then the next time--- batteries are dead. It drives me crazy.

Have fun Micah with the "new" toys!