It Was a Good News At the Doctor Kind of Day

Today was a celebratory kind of day. Micah had a physical (required by the insurance) and he checked out clean and clear. And during the exam, the pediatrician noticed that he was wearing Big Boy Unders.

She. Was. Thrilled.

She congratulated me. And complimented me. And told me how glad she was that he's potty trained now. And as we were walking out the door, she grinned yet again and said "I'm just so happy for you."

Yeh, I feel the same way. It's officially official. And we're so very happy. If you have stock in Huggies, don't be alarmed if the bottom drops out of the market. I'm just saying.

And also, at the ENT the boy actually cooperated for a hearing test. He didn't pass, but after 7 years and umpteen bazillionty tests we've decided that his normal is slightly impaired, and the doctors are reconciling themselves to the fact that I'm good with that. So he can't hear the highest decibels that aren't even part of our everyday life, and he can't hear the very lowest decibels either. I don't find it to be the most horrid thing ever. Plus, he'd never tolerate hearing aids. We still have to hold him down just for a quick look-see in his ears. Can you even imagine the daily struggle with aids? No, you probably couldn't. I'll loan you the little guy for a day if you want to try.

But the good news there? It wasn't recommended that he have tubes right now. She strongly hinting that this fall will be a good time, but I just flat out said, "I'm not so keen on putting them back in if they're not going to last more than 4 months." Jokingly, she replied, "maybe we'll install them with a drop of Super Glue next time." Can you really do that? I mean, seriously. Because I'd be game to try. But as far as I'm concerned, there will not be a Set of Tubes #8 unless I see due cause for them.

And we had good news at the dermatologist's today as well. Besides the fact that Josh's psoriasis is clearing right up (again), Micah went potty. He asked to SIT on the toilet. At the doctor's office. And he sat there and did his job. The angels crowded right into the bathroom with us to sing the Hallelujah Chorus. Thank goodness it was a spacious room. By the beginning of 2011 I'm hoping that accidents and accidentals are a thing of the past. Try not to be jealous of my low standards and goal setting practices.

It was a good, good day. A VERY good day. I think the boy deserves to see Toy Story 3 on Friday.


Mia said...

Here, Here for Toy Story 3! I always give huge rewards for what some would call small blessings. Not so small when it's you dealing with them! :D

Roger said...

I think he deserves to see Toy Story 3, three times! That is awesome news! Congrats to you and to Micah!!

Annette W. said...

Very cool!!! So glad your dr cares and knows Micah...and notices things like underwear on a 7 year old!

Trisha said...

Take that boy to the movie! He definitely deserves it both for the hearing test and the potty!

Go, Micah!

JennyH said...

I'm pretty sure he deserves to see Toy Story 3 no matter what!

You have been busy with doctors. Glad it's officially official! I could imagine the hearing aid struggle- trust me, I can.

At least no new tubes at the moment.

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

You all deserve a trip to the drive-in.
Popcorn with extra butter for all! said...

Heck yeah, it was a good day! And what do you mean setting the bar low? These are MAJOR things you and Micah have accomplished, my dear.
I am SO happy for you!

Teresa Dawn said...

Ya know, after many ear infections as a kid, my hearing isn't so great either... there are a few tones I can't hear... I can't always hear our car horn even if I'm standing right beside the car, just nothing... but most things i can hear fine, i just may ask you to repeat yourself once or twice... but it's not that big a deal at all. If he can hear most things, I certainly wouldn't worry about it... if he doesn't mind missing the very high/low then no point bothering with hearing aids.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I. AM. So. HAPPY. FOR. YOU!! I didn't know you had reached this milestone, I'm sorry!! YAY Micah!!!
Porr Huggies.

leah said...

We're only on set of tubes #3 with my little guy (he's 2), but I feel the same way. I told the ENT that if he needs a set after this one, we're getting T-tubes (they last about 3-4 years, but have to be surgically removed). Still, T-tubes would be better than having regular tubes inserted every few months!

Karen said...

leah - not to alarm you or anything, but Micah's last set was t-tubes. They lasted a whopping 4 months. If we do again we're shooting for u-tubes, but I dont have much confidence.

caramama said...

I'm so happy for you! What a bunch of great news.

I'll bet Micah will be SO thrilled by Toy Story 3!