When It Rains... And OH, Did It Pour

Being as it's hot and humid here in the mountains, and being as we're completely unaccustomed to this kind of weather, I have been glistening profusely as of late. This excess glistening, as it were, has produced an outbreak of zits like I haven't had since high school. It's fun, let me tell you. And highly attractive.

Today I had to run into town for some all-mighty-meet-really-important-people-who-judge-you-on-your-looks meetings, which is why I had two red zit marks on my neck that aren't completely healed but aren't zitty-looking either. In fact, they look exactly like I've been bitten by a vampire, what with their placement on the side of my neck, and the fact that they're roughly 1" apart from each other. Makeup only does so much, you know?

I got out at my first stop, which would be to have lunch with my husband at work. We're romantic like that, having working lunch dates while he scans patients. But as I stepped out of the van, my flip flop broke. The little thong thing that goes between your toes? Yeh. Tore. There's no fixing that kind of thing, nor is there any walking in it without duck tape to strap the sole onto your foot. (What?!) All I can say is thank goodness that the kids don't listen when I yell my daily mantra of "take everything out of the van when you go in the house, please" because I found a pair of Luke's flip flops that Micah insisted on trying to wear the other day. I'm also grateful that they were flip flops and not any other kind of shoe because I cannot wear a 9 year old child's shoes. I can, however, fit my toes into the webbed straps and allow an inch of heel to hang off the back, slapping pavement as I walked.

I'm so classy that way.

But what else was I going to do?

And this was my first stop. I was forced to wear those flops to my appointments, and drawing attention up didn't help much either, what with the vampire attack going on. And did I mention that it rained between stops? As in heavy downpour/the streets are flooded/driving through puddles at 20MPH splashed water halfway up the van windows kind of rained. And the van was umbrella-less because the kids don't really listen when I yell daily "if you get something out, please put it away." So the hair was like a wet hamster nest, the neck was vampire bitten, the clothing drippy and now wrinkled, and my heels hanging off the back of my shoes.

I got a venti at Starbucks to make up for the horrendous, and by the time I got home the rain was gone and the sun was out again. Starbucks really is magical that way.

So, how was your day?


Karen Deborah said...

I think you handled it all with fabulous style. Welcome to my weather, how'd you like it? You could just say they were mosquito bites. I blame all red bumps on mosquitos. Love the pic of Micah.

Michelle said...

Starbucks is very magical. And I love the vampire bites idea. You could have totally played it up with bruising around them and blood dripping down. C'mon, it could have been fun!

Mia said...

Well, with Eclipse opening up in 2 days you could have said the bite mark was to support Team Edward!

Trisha said...

Not to laugh at your misfortune but . . . hee, hee, hee!

Send some of that rain my way - we REALLY could use some around here!

Carol N. said...

My day was great. Thanks for asking!

And, thanks for the smile this morning...I'm on my way to see if Starbucks will work magic here too. Or do I have to be American and wear too-small flipflops?


Teresa Dawn said...

Right now I can't even get my own shoes on due to blisters, let alone a pair that is too small haha. Glad to hear that the marks are just zits and that you were not in fact bitten by a vampire.

caramama said...

Gah! Days like that are sucky. Get it? Sucky? As in vampires?

@Mia's comment was too funny!