Saturday Shots, And An Explanation of Absence. No, The Dog Didn't Eat My Blog Post.

So, out of curiosity, did anyone even realize that I haven't posted in days? I generally have a very good reason for doing things, and trust me, there's a good reason for that as well. Let me take this short story and make it long, just for you.

We planned this relaxing beach vacation months ago. Really. And we also planned to have puppies born a week before we left, because one week old puppies are the easiest to leave. Mom-dog does all the taking-care-of and she's content to be with her babies without clamoring to be outdoors and running. It was perfect. In theory.

Then we had difficulty with puppies, and mom-dogs in labor, and I was bottle feeding a puppy. We were sure that the puppy would be fine by the time we had to leave, because a week is make-or-break with puppies. Monday I thought the puppy was on it's deathbed, and I let the beach rental know that we'd be late a day in coming. We'd play it by ear. Tuesday morning I woke up to the healthiest puppy I've seen in a long time. I took a giant step of Faith and trusted that God would care for my puppy in my absence because He knows that the Rocking Pony family desperately needed some time away.

God is good. VERY good. Our old, tired van got us to the beach and back with no problems. The puppy is growing and thriving. We are relaxed and tanned. The beach wasn't even crowded. I slept three entire nights straight through without being awakened by an alarm clock that insisted I needed to feed a puppy every other hour. Life is all smiles. God is good.

So, anyhoo - I generally post from the road, or have posts scheduled to go up in my absence, but it didn't happen this week. We didn't have internet access at the beach house, and that was okay with me. Being unplugged from business was nice, too. And since we didn't even know that we were leaving until Tuesday morning when I woke up, I didn't even think about pre-posting. Blame the 10 nights of no sleep if you need to. But in all honesty, the blog is still here, and so am I. A break every now and then might just be a good thing.

5 comments: said...

As usual I love the pictures!
I am so glad you got away and "unplugged". That's the best medicine for anyone at the end of a long summer.
What beach did you go to that wasn't crowded this time of year?

Shellie said...

Great shots! I think breaks are wonderful. I took a 4 month break myself!

Michelle said...

YAY! So glad the puppy is doing well, and so glad you got some time away. What fun for you all - and I hope you enjoyed the total turnoff :)

Roger said...

Breaks are good and you deserve it! Now just don't let it happen again. ;-)

I'm so inspired by your coming back from a break, that I may just do the same. We'll see.

Great pics! And I am glad that the puppy is doing well.

The Sports Mama said...

That is THE. BEST. picture of Becky!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!