What's On *Your* Shelf?

Micah sits on the floor, dancing Woody up and down, the plastic boots clacking loudly on the hardwood. Around him are more of the Round Up Gang and cars of every size and description. Dress-up clothes are strewn around the house, cast aside as he changes from a pirate to a cowboy to a princess.

These are toys that all the kids have played with over the years. The ones that have lasted through all the holiday purges, that haven't managed to break, that have been loved dearly. We keep these because they hand down so well from older to younger, and as long as we have a child willing to play with them, they'll be here.

Our very first Woody doll was purchased as a Christmas gift to Becky when she was 2 years old. That same doll was loved by Becky, then Josh and Luke before being handed down to Micah. Micah played with Woody for a few years before his age finally won out and we put the toy into retirement in a box in my closet. Some toys should never be thrown out. There are too many memories. That Woody was replaced, of course, and the collection has grown to unreal proportions. There is an entire toy bin dedicated to the Woody Collection.

Josh got a semi truck for his birthday one year. He was just a toddler. It's so large that kids can sit on it and ride it around, or fill the trailer with half the toybox's contents, or use it to move Barbie next door. That truck has been shoved down the stairs, ridden up the gravel drive, left outside for an entire summer, and abused in every way imaginable. The back doors are lost, but otherwise it's as good as new.

Dress up clothes have been a staple in our house for years. I'll never forget the year we realized it was all girly clothes that Josh was forced to don, so we gifted him gender specific dress up clothes for Christmas. It was incredibly fun at Salvation Army, pulling the most heinous things off the rack and loudly yelling down the aisle "look what I found! It's perfect!" (The suit coat I'm referencing is actually one of the kids very favorites. I didn't want there to be any question that it was dress-up when I found it lying on the floor at the end of the day, hence the ugly.) We've tossed in Halloween costumes every year to add to our collection, and the two youngest boys still play in that box daily.

Toys that withstand the test of time. Maybe that's why Toy Story resonates with families so well. The toys that are loved through generations of kids are the ones that I have a hard time getting rid of. I have plans to put a shelf in the sewing room, way up high, to hold all the things the kids eventually outgrew but I didn't. You can bet Woody will have a place of honor there.

What would be on your shelf?


Roger said...

I would say that all of my Goofy dolls/stuffed animals/whatever they are, would be the one thing that I'll keep on my shelf. In fact, I have quite a decent collection and seem to always bring back more whenever we visit WDW. Can't wait to see what is new this year.

Oh wait, you were talking about the kids, right... :)

Karen Deborah said...

I stupidly got rid of all my stuff except for some favorite books. So I re bought a Chatty Kathy doll and gave her the same hair cut that I did when she was mine* damn* the hundred dollars. I also bought some Barbies actually went quite nuts with Barbie collecting at one point and then sold most of it for next to nothing. My mom hired a lady to make Barbie clothes for me and they were gorgeous i wish i had them. She even trimmed jackets and capes with little pieces of real mink fur.
I think it's great your keeping the stuff, their kids may enjoy it too.
um and dress up clothes from the thrift store are the best!! I did that too.

Michelle said...

Awwww, I love this post! My shelf includes Thomas and his friends, Lincoln Logs, Legos and ummmm I'm not sure what else yet....