You Never Have To Teach THOSE Things

Micah isn't big on affection. At least not toward the family. He'll hug total strangers and his compadres, but not mom or dad. We're simply here to serve him, and we'd better snap to it. When he's not feeling well he gets snuggly, which is nice right up until you realize that he's only hugging you to wipe his nose on your shirt. (True story.)

When I  sit down with him and try to enjoy just being together, he either wiggles away in 1.8 seconds or turns it into wrestlefest. I swear the boy thinks I'm his own personal jungle gym. I just don't get that one on one time with him that I did with the other kids when they were in the toddler stage.

You can imagine, then, that random hugs are a very nice thing indeed. Just like the one I got the other day. Out of the blue, as I was doing the dishes, Micah walked up and gave me a hug. It was heartfelt, too. And not just a quick hug-and-run either.

And then he stepped back and asked for milk to drink. That stinker. When did he learn that buttering me up gets him exactly what he wants?


JennyH said...

Thankfully Max is a hugger. He has always been a snuggle bug. I love it. He is the only one of my kids that will snuggle in and then be still. The others will be bouncing all over the place (unless Ike is sleepy). You are missing out!

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