Photography Class 101

This week's photography assignment is called Journey.

This path holds memories. So many memories. It's located in the cow pasture of my parent's farm, and I've traveled it many times as a child.

We journed a quarter of the way around the world after marriage, and have come home to the same well worn path I knew so well.

*I used manual settings, ISO 200 (for outdoor light). And someday I'll look back on this and think, "gosh, there's so much I didn't know, and that picture could have been so much better." That's the joy of watching myself grow and learn.

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Roger said...

It's actually a pretty decent shot. Although I think the trees on the right are a little overpowering, making the photo lean to the right. Of course, if that's what you meant to do, good job! I wonder how it would look if you had one of your kids walking through it, or something that you could focus more on in the middle, in order to fade the trees out a little more. I think the branch sticking up in the middle also detracts from the overall effect, since it is more in focus. Did that make sense?

Look at me being photography critic. :) I love that you are taking classes for this, and wish I could spend more time perfecting my photographic eye, etc.