Photography Class 101

I have found that the best way to learn to take better pictures is to simply take pictures. Use the camera, get to know the settings, experiment. Over the past year I've drastically improved my knowledge of the camera and editing techniques, and look forward to learning and growing in the future. There are so many wonderful photography sites out there full of information and help, and I plan to follow their lead here. One site will post a theme that I may use, one may ask me to edit a photo, many will most likely be way over my head and I'll struggle to keep up. But that's where the learning comes in.

Feel free to follow along as I learn and grow. At the very least, there's bound to be an interesting picture every now and then.


Digital Photography School posted an assignment called Treasures this past week.

This would be my treasure. I love little hands and feet. These are the smallest feet in the house, and they're none too small anymore. I'm treasuring them for as long as I can before they grow up to be too big to tickle.


Michelle said...

Oh tell me they will never be too old to tickle!

I love getting the perfect shot (I finally got a good one of Little Miss this week amongst 300000 eh ones). I definitely need to learn more, but ... I'm holding out on the real knowledge until I get a "real" camera! :)

Roger said...

Are you going to dedicate a page to your photos? Maybe do one of those photo 365 things? I'm thinking about it, maybe just do photos from my phone for a year or so. Who knows.

I like this shot, it gives some pretty good depth of field.