And The Results Are.... Not Final

Josh was at the orthopaedic doctor today for a final x-ray of the terribly broken collarbone. We waited and waited and WAITED and Josh was growing antsy.

Chill, son. It isn't like you have a life.

I do. I just haven't been using it for the past 13 years.

Good one.

So to while away the time, we were discussing the reading material in the office. (And the fact that I have arthritis in my knees. It was a shocker to the boy. Welcome to Aging, where your body slowly decays into immobility.) One of the things read was "injury from overuse."

"What's that?" Josh asked. "When you have an injury and just keep using it?"

Yep, that's pretty much it, I'd think. A lot of parents have their kids continue to play soccer or football on an injury because the coach won't play them if they miss too many games. It's not right on the coachs part or the parents part. It's just stupid to risk your kid's health for sports. (I told the boy.)

And then the doctor interrupted us as she came in to deliver the results of the x-ray. Oh, the healing power of the young. And yet, he's not cleared for hunting. The disappointment is keen. For two years now, he's been a licensed, card-carrying hunter. And yet, he hasn't been able to hunt. Last year we left for Disney bright and early the first morning of hunting season. And this year? It's all he's talked about. January, February, May, August, daily since September, it's all we've heard.

Dadgun that broken collarbone on the right side where he rests his gun.

So we questioned the doctor about recoil pads, and if it would be healed enough in 2 weeks when hunting season opens, and what the odds really are of re-injury. The poor boy - he just wants to go hunting.

And then the irony kicked in. I'm *that* parent. The one who plays their kid with an injury. The one who doesn't consider the child's health above the sport. The one that I have problems with.

We've rescheduled for another final x-ray in 3 weeks and are keeping our fingers crossed that Josh can at least hunt the last few days of the season since he'll be missing the first week or so.

(This was a re-creation of his accident. Except that the bike is missing and the dog is present. Big hole, no?)


mommaof4wife2r said...

poor guy...hope all goes well though.

Carol N. said...

Maybe this could be a dry-run hunting year. He could take a camera, and shoot what he might have shot???

Anonymous said...

Poor Josh! And you are SO not one of those parents! I could never imagine you allowing one of your kids to return to football too soon after a concussion - an occurance which happens far too often. I hope his healing progresses between now and then and that he is able to get a few shots in before the close of the season!

Karen Deborah said...

Your just seeing it from all sides and you love your son. Your a great mom so pisshaw to all that. I hope he heals quickly! I wish I had a hunter in my family, i'd be getting free meat for dog food!

The Sports Mama said...'re not even close to being in my league at being *that* parent... :)

I never pushed him to play injured, but I certainly never stopped him. The belief being that he wouldn't play if it hurt too badly. Good theory. Lousy practice.

And he STILL managed to turn out okay and make good decisions. :)

Roger said...

Do y'all have a bow hunting season? Maybe he can take that up, make more of a sport of it. ;-)

Seriously though, I hope that the next X-rays show marked improvement so he can get out there and get that 16 pointer (is that the right terminology?)